AHEM…, which has allowed 100 points over the past two games, on Sunday. "> AHEM…, which has allowed 100 points over the past two games, on Sunday. ">

Cleveland Game Made for "Resurgent" Bills

<B>Where to begin…: </B> <P> Get the No-Doze out for this one! <P> The "Smoke and Mirrors" Roller Coaster Ride to nowhere continues on this Sunday as the Bills head back home to the Ralph to host Cleveland in a game made for GM Commander Tom . The Bills should smoke the Browns, a team, …<I>AHEM</I>…, which has allowed 100 points over the past two games, on Sunday.


Rush D: Bills 4th, Browns 29th
Pass D: Bills 9th, Browns 13th
Yardage D: Bills 4th Browns 22nd
Scoring D: Bills 9th, Browns 27th


Rush O: Bills 20th, Browns 25th
Pass O: Bills 25th, Browns 21st
Yardage O: Bills 26th, Browns 24th
Scoring O: Bills 12th, Browns 17th

Key Players and Matchups:

Humpty vs. himself:

Humpty has had two games worthy of note this season, one each vs. St. Louis, and Miami. Last season he had three, one each vs. Jacksonville, the Giants, and Tennessee. Judging from many media and fan reports, one might be led to believe that Humpty is a late Pro Bowl candidate. Fans expecting to see Losman next season seem to fail to realize Commander Tom's propensity for "management by marketing via the media."

Willis McGahee vs. the Brown's 29th Ranked Rush Defense:

I know what I'm hearing and reading. I also know what I see. There is a sizeable disparity between the two. Do I have enormous hopes for McGahee? Just like every other Bills fan, you bet I do! But as of yet they have not materialized. Contrary to reports, most of McGahee's yards have come against teams with poor defenses and usually and largely in mop-up action rarely helping the Bills to a win, only capitalizing off of it. In spite of all the talk of his breaking a "long one" at any time, in over 200 carries now it has not happened.

His long run of 41-yards was on a misdirection play requiring no contact or superlative speed in a superbly executed play. Of his seven TDs, six have come in two games in very "Humpty-like" contributing. He certainly has yet to carry a game and provide the basis for the movement and effectiveness of the offense to be sure.

The Cleveland game represents yet another game that McGahee has an opportunity to produce his first game where he carries the team on his rushing performance.vs. again, one of the worst rushing defenses in the league and one that's beaten up severely.

Will the walk match the talk this week vs. the league's 29th ranked rushing D?

Bills OL vs. the Browns DL:

This may present an occasional problem for the Bills, but given the mismatches elsewhere on both sides of the ball, even a Cleveland edge here shouldn't make much of a difference for the Browns who figure to simply go through the motions ala "twelve down, four to go." This is the only healthy sub-unit on the Browns relatively speaking other than for Courtney Brown who's been out.


Cleveland has no strengths at this point. They have no offense and therefore on the road in Buffalo they will be fortunate to penetrate the end zone. Then again, Miami lit up this Bills' D for 32 points in an offensive bonanza! This game is a rehearsal game for the Bills through and through as well as a stat and record builder. The Browns have given up 100 points to the Bengals and Pats the past two weeks. The Browns have not won a road game yet this season losing them by an average of 12 points. They have also lost nine of their last ten on the road. They also now have a rookie fourth-rounder starting at QB with miminal support around him if Jeff Garcia is not ready to go.

Bottom line:

What a snoozer! A win here is expected the Browns are so horrid. A Bills loss is inconceiveable quite frankly. A loss is also inexcusable given the circumstances. They have absolutely no depth on the offensive line and their back seven is hammered with injuries. This game should be over sometime in the second quarter.


Bills 27, Browns 6.

There is virtually no way that the Bills can lose this game while preserving the integrity of last week's achievement. There is practically no way they can lose this game either. They should be able to win this one starting Matthews, Burns, Aiken, and Reed. McGahee should finally post his first game whereby he carries the offense on his back.

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