Free Agent Focus v2005: OTs

The Bills have two free agents at the OT position. One being starting LT Jonas Jennings and the other being primary backup Marcus Price. Both serve valuable roles on the team. A loss of either one could prove costly, more so Jennings because of his youth and position is arguably one of the hardest to fill in the league. Of course this could all change if the Bills do infact trade Travis Henry for L.J. Shelton, which seems to more probable then we initially thought.

Jonas Jennings: Who better to sign then a four year starter who's a proven starter at LT? While many Bills fans feel that the cost of Jennings might be too high (from a cap perspective) we feel Jennings' signings is well worth keeping.

Tra Thomas: Thomas is coming off a Pro Bowl season as a left tackle from the Philadelphia Eagles. His cost might be too high for the Bills but is the 2nd best short and long term solution at LT from what we see on the free agent horizon behind Jennings.

Bob Whitfield: The list of quality left OTs available is very short and with the franchsing of Orlando Pace (hence no mention of him as a possibility). Whitfield is far from the player that he was with the Falcons a few years ago but he makes this list because he could be a serviceable veteran to play LT for a season or two if Jennings is lost.

Marcus Price: When first signed by the Bills in 2002 Price was and still is a career backup. Yet he has shown to be a very valuable backup in that he can play both tackle spots if needed. While Price's age is a slight concern at 33. Re-signing Price could be a good idea for another year or so in order to see if Dylan McFarland or Jason Peters can develop behind him but we question if he can be a full time starter in the league.

Kareem McKenzie: Arguably the best RT available in free agency. McKenzie has been a three year starter for the Jets. With some thought of Mike Williams being shifted to LT, McKenzie could help ease the burden at the other tackle spot.

Stockar McDougle: A mountain of a man at RT for the Lions, hehas helped keep Joey Harrington as one of the least sacked QBs in the NFL. Though he is likely to be nothing more then a career RT in the NFL and would be worth considering if the Bills feel Mike Williams is ready to make a shift to LT.

Floyd Womack: Womack is an interesting guy. A career backup in Seattle, he has shown to be a capable starter at RT in the NFL. He offers youth and the potential to be a long term starter but like with McKenzie or McDougal signing him may force the team to move Mike Williams to LT.

Marcus Spears: If Marcus Price is lost then the team has to find someone to be the primary backup. Spears would be a nice addition as he has shown the ability to play both tacklespots and also is versatile enough that could be counted onas a backup at OG which could make him even more valuable. For in today's NFL the more roles and spots you can fill the more valuable you are.

Ethan Brooks: Brooks could fill in as the Bills 3rd tackle as that's been his role with Baltimore Ravens the past three seasons.

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