Free Agent Focus v2005: QBs

With the release of former starting QB Drew Bledsoe the Bills are handing over the reins to the QB position to J.P. Losman in 2005. At the same time the only QBs under contract are Losman, Kevin Thompson and Tory Woodbury who have combined to attempt just six passes in the NFL. A veteran free agent QB (or two) will most definitely be signed.

QB Charlie Batch: A one time starter, the 30 year old Batch looks to be a career backup and might be just what the Bills need. He's a guy that should not be considered an immediate threat to Losman as the starter but at the same time if Losman were to struggle or get hurt be able to fill in and not be completely horrible. Another thing in his favor us should be familiar with the Bills offense having been coached by Tom Clements at Pittsburgh.

QB Jay Fiedler: The recently released Fiedler could be another good fit for the Bills. As he might not be as physically gifted as some of the other QBs on this list but has playoff experience and has a knowledge of the AFC East and could be an ideal backup.

QB Shane Matthews: Matthews wasn't counted on much last season as the Bills 2nd/3rd string QB but did play well in his limited outings. We think re-signing him would be wise move to serve in a similar role in 2005 and possibly 2006.

QB Gus Frerotte: Frerotte has become a Mr. Backup, having played in 4 cities over the past 6 seasons. Like Batch he's a veteran with starting experience who could be counted on as a backup and might be able to start for the Bills if needed.

QB Jim Miller: Like Matthews and others on this list, Miller would provide the Bills with a veteran QB to serve as a 2nd string QB J.P. Losman.

QB Tony Banks: We hate to sound like a broken record but Banks is a one time starter who is best served as a backup at this time in his career.

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