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<I>[Your article] has hit the nail right on the head. It has been incomprehensible to see what the Bills have done over the past few years regarding the offensive line. It has clearly been the weakest of all areas of the team. <P> I remember a quote from the Orange County Register stating that one of the defensive coaches of a team in our eastern conference told a reporter that the Bills offensive line was "a joke". Have mercy on Losman and Big Mc. <P> Frank</I>

Yeah, this is getting infinitely frustrating to be a Bills fan. My thoughts this early in free agency are "two signings and not one starter."

As well, it's "here we go again" with the most important unit of the offense, the line, once again being paid window dressing attention. What, Mike Gandy? Are they joking? I know, I know, he helped the Bears to having the 32nd (last) yardage offense, 32nd ranked passing offense, 32nd ranked scoring offense, and the 25th ranked rushing offense. Boy howdy! Somehow that simply isn't all that reassuring to be polite. Now Floyd Womack as well. Apparently Commander Tom & Co. haven't changed their tune at all.

I find it very difficult to get serious about our front office when they make ridiculous moves like this and then attempt to sell them to fans as some kind of substantive move as if we are all blind. I was really hoping to have gotten Rabach who would have solidified the center of our line for years. But I suppose that makes far too much sense, eh. When I saw the contract he got from the Skins, I was highly disappointed. Wahle also would have been good as would DeMulling.

It would appear that this offseason is heading in the typical Commander Tom direction once again with little real and effective attention being paid to our offensive line. It's aggravating and frustrating beyond end. But there are many that share our frustrations, so we're in good company. Again, I'll wait to see what happens this offseason, but at this point, fans best hope may be that Tom Donahoe is looking for work following the season.

As to Losman or McGahee, at present, with 30/31-year old Teague and 32-year old Villarrial being the "strength" of our OL and along with Williams the only starter-worthy players, they are in a world heap of trouble. If any of the three gets injured this season, even for only a few games, this situation enters the farcical zone.

Thanks Frank!


'Poor poor JP....alas we knew him well.'

That will be what we say in Week 7 after a week and 1/2 of screaming curse words at Tefflon Tom for not upgrading the OL.

The kids PC really impressed me Mark. But he is a dead man walking. Right now we don't have a LT on the roster. None. I guess they feel McNally is going to walk on water, part the seas and make Jason Peters our LT?

I have done resarch out the butt and there are no guys out there that can play LT. Wahle was the last one and he went to Carolina to play RT. McKennzie etal are right tackles only. We know Big Mike will never have the feet to play LT.

So what to do?

We have no starter at TE. I personally feel TE was a massive need esp for a rookie QB. Campbell and Euhus are 2nd stringers but even then BOTH have blown knees and wont be 100% Until December.

I am personally laughing at the Tefflon tom and Travis henry situation. TH's agent said he was going to screw the Bills and did. They are going to force a release of Henry the way it is going now. AZ wanted him but Henry and his agent refused to go with what AZ wanted.

This is year 5 mark of the 3 year plan. Cap hell or no cap hell we are at year 5. We don't make the playoffs this year, TD is gone. Personally I would rather have Modrak run the team anyway.


You've said so much here that makes sense.

I cannot agree with you more on most of it. Where I digress a little is about the TE situation. I think Campbell and Euhus (who's young) will both be fine with us likely getting "something" out of either Neufeld, Peters, or Stafford. But on the rest, you are dead on. Marcellus Rivers I actually like as an underrated second or third tier TE, but I have to question whether we should be expending resources on TEs when our O-line is in the state it's in.

As you know I've been clanging the gong of the OL loudly over the past two offseasons. Now we are exactly where it was pointed out that we would be. As well, think longer term, something that Donahoe simply does not appear to be able to do. But this season at the present time with no enormous amount of cap room to play with, we have 30/31-year old Trey Teague, a free agent after this season that shouldn't be signed as anything other than a backup at 32 next season. Then we have 32-year old Chris Villarrial and underachiever Mike Williams as our ONLY solid linemen capable of starting.

Let's suppose that Teague is not with us next season, a good chance. Villarrial will be 33 and he, along with Teague, may not even be the average lineman that they've been this past season. What does our line look like for next season, 2006? It certainly makes one wonder what's in the water cooler over at One Bills Drive. I mean it wouldn't be unusual for neither Teague or Villarrial to be with us next season given their ages and the fact that they are only average lineman in their primes anyway heading only into below-average territory as they approach their mid-30s! The entire management of our line is reprehensible and has been done as if run by kids in elementary school with no particular reasoning or team optimization in mind.

As to Peters playing LT, or RT for that matter, to take a player that's never played the position before, in his second season, and expect him to be anything other than issue laden there is foolish to be polite. The signing of Mike Gandy as anything other than depth, talk of signing Womack, and talk of either Teague or Peters playing LT only shows how desperate the situation really is. Once you strip of the statements made by the coaching staff and Donahoe, there isn't a grain of anything substantive to build an argument that any of those options would result in anything short of below average performance. Given the wealth of statements regarding Bledsoe last season, it's safe to say that the lipservice coming out of One Bills Drive is meaningless. They have little credibility left at this point. This is a make or break season on several counts.

As to Henry, the Bills are being foolish. I don't blame Henry one bit for not going to Arizona to play at his level for a paltry 1.25 million. It's nuts. Henry, after the way the team has treated him, doesn't owe the Bills a thing. For him to take a year off of his career playing at the level that he's capable of playing, for barely more than a million dollars is idiocy. Why not sit on the Bills bench, collect your million, come out fresh and be able to compete yourself with no strings attached. Yet another "fruit" of the Commander Tom era in Buffalo. There is also no accounting for a season or career-ending injury either. At least a heavy incentive contract accounting for injuries should be offered. But Henry owes the Bills nothing and I for one do not blame him for not having played in Arizona for cheap looking at it from his own perspective. This is Donahoe's mess, so let him clean it up.

As to the Bills, their position is that they want full market value for Henry. But, and again, something that Commander Tom can't seem to grasp, they are not going to get it. There are too many decent backs in the draft to prevent them from getting a high round draft pick (1st or high 2nd) and given Henry's injury questionmarks, one of which the team overblew last season to their own demise now, factor in as well.

The team has stated that they will only receive fair market value for him. Here's where that strategy falls apart; on top of the above mentioned issues indicating that they likely will not get close to what he's worth, make no mistake, he'll essentially be useless to the team this season. If McGahee goes down with injury, then Donahoe should be fired following that particular game given that the risks of his two biggest decisions will have outweighed the benefits and both in spades! If not, then we shouldn't expect Henry to see any significant playing time lest he outshine McGahee, another reason why Donahoe should be fired if it were to occur, just prior to Henry leaving the team just Oh, by-the-way.

The Bills should trade Henry for a 3rd rounder if they can get it. Henry will have extremely limited value to the Bills this season, and if he's needed to replace McGahee for injury, then this team's issues are FAR greater than finding a RB to plug a season in which the Bills will have no reasonable chance at making the playoffs.

Looking forward, Donahoe's seeming moves and utter lack of any forsight, vision, or strategy, will have left this team with two seasons of rebuild again on the OL who will be rebuilding with Mike Williams as their only viable player there. Comforting, eh! When you factor in that many of Donahoe's big-money players will be useless due to age by the time we ever rebuild the line, a decent argument could be made that this team will be worse off after this season than it was the day he was hired.

Thanks for the note Brian!


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