Rams still had time on the clock

I recently got back from Super Bowl XXXVI. As much as I would have liked to stick around for the Mardi Gras celebrations, the reality was that my liver couldn't take it. No, really, I had to get back to work. Here are some impressions of the Super Bowl, the first one I ever covered by the way:



  • I'm a little surprised that the Rams didn't contend that there was time left on the game clock after Adam Vinatieri's winning 48-yard kick. From replays, it appeared the Rams had two seconds left for a kickoff return. The NFL said that game clock-operators are instructed to stop the clock upon the signal by the officials whether the field goal is good. According to the Fox broadcast, which had an on-screen clock that apparently was hooked up with the official scoreboard clock, the officials' signals came with two seconds remaining. What makes this ending even more questionable is that earlier 50-yard and 52-yard field goals took less time off the game clock. Seems to me the NFL was trying really hard to have the game end with time expiring.
  • There is no event that celebrates corporate excess quite to the extent that the Super Bowl does. The league and its guests must have wasted at least enough food to feed a city of homeless people.
  • The patriotism thing became overbearing after a while. I can't help but think the league exploited the theme a bit for its own bottom line. In fact, the league did change the original Super Bowl XXXVI logo from a red and gold New Orleans look to the red, white and blue U.S. mainland logo we saw stamped on everything. Of course, if the NFL was trying to unite the country, how could it forget about not putting Alaska and Hawaii somewhere on its logo? If the Alaskans and Hawaiians reading this feel totally left out, I sympathize with them. One time when I was a kid, my friends told me they'd pick me up to play basketball at the local park, and they never picked me up. I'm still waiting to this day. As far as I'm concerned, that's the definition of being left out.
  • Paul McCartney's "Freedom" song is not very good. The lyrics are terribly shallow too.
  • The Patriots deserve credit for pulling the game out, but the Rams are still the most feared team in the NFL.
  • Bill Belichick is not a genius. I hate that "genius" tag anyway. Unless someone is discovering the theory of relativity – or something like that – saying someone is a genius because they devised a way to win a football game is pretty stupid. He just did a good job.
  • That's all I got for you now.

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