NO WAY Johnson comes back

Gregg Williams hired Kevin Gilbride to oversee the Bills offense this season. That does not mean, however, that Buffalo will make amends with Rob Johnson and bring him back at a drastically reduced salary. I just don't see how that could happen.


Certainly, Johnson is aware that he could go anywhere else in the league and make starter's money without the hassle of trying to win the Buffalo job vs. Alex Van Pelt or win the public relations battle vs. the fans. Consequently, I'd say it would be pretty foolish of Johnson to accept a deal from Buffalo. He could find a better life and situation elsewhere.

Now, yes, Gilbride had a past with Johnson in Jacksonville. But pro football is such a closed-off industry of recycled talent, coaches come across players all the time. I don't think it means that much. Remember, Gilbride is the offensive coordinator in charge of the whole offense. He's not just a quarterbacks coach who is in charge of one position. It would be shortsighted for Williams to bring in a coordinator just because he worked with the quarterback somewhere along the line. The coordinator has to consider every position. That's why I think Alex Van Pelt will be Buffalo's short-term answer this season …

Here's something I forgot to tell you that kind of shows how the NFL is extremely sensitive to any possibility of looking bad.

When the Pro Football Hall of Fame makes the announcement regarding its new classes, it uses Arthur Andersen as the accounting firm that tabulates the vote. [Now why organizations need an accounting firm to count votes, ‘1,2,3 …' I'll never know. That's a joke, but I'm sure there's a lot of money involved in counting votes, which almost makes me want to start a business that just counts votes for big organizations every so often: Hall of Fame votes, All-Star game votes, even state lotteries, you know, watching the balls come out of the chute, making sure they come out of the chute just right. What helps me out is that I learned to count at a very early age – so my counting techniques are obviously light years ahead of everybody else's.]

Anyway, I bring this up about the NFL and Arthur Andersen because Arthur Andersen is currently the accounting firm mired in the mess of the Enron scandal. Its association with the NFL wouldn't look good for the league. Thus this year, when executive director PFHOF executive John Bankert made the 2002 announcement Feb. 2, which included Jim Kelly, he said, "The balloting for this election was tabulated by an international accounting firm," making no mention of Arthur Andersen accounting. I thought that was funny.

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