Trades are a joke

Why do teams even bother talking about trades in the NFL, when it seems the only players on the trading block are players teams will be releasing anyway? Organizations just have to be patient and wait for the desired player to be released.

For instance, Buffalo knew New Orleans would release Jeff Blake and so trading for him didn't make much sense. They now have their chance to sign him to a deal to their liking. New England knew Buffalo was going to release Antowain Smith last off-season so trading for him didn't make much sense.

Similarly, Houston knew Buffalo would be releasing Rob Johnson so taking him in the expansion draft wouldn't have made much sense. The Texans knew they could get Johnson cheaper if they signed him to a deal after his release. Consequently, part of Houston's strategy was to pick players who represented a fair value, figuring that many of the players available to them in the expansion draft would still be available after it because they'd be salary cap casualties anyway. Johnson was a salary cap casualty. Houston reportedly will sign him for $1 million this season.

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