Moore comes aboard

Hello Dave Moore. Goodbye Jay Riemersma? The Bills will sign Bucs free agent tight end Dave Moore today, making the 28-year-old Riemersma's future in doubt with the team he has started for the last three years. Moore played his college ball at Pittsburgh with Alex Van Pelt.

A 10-year veteran, the 32-year-old Moore had his best year as a receiver last season when he caught 35 balls for 285 yards and four touchdowns. He is supposed to be a better blocker than Riemersma, an area the Bills are intent on improving this off-season. The addition of Moore should help the running game get better.

Unfortunately, Moore is not the downfield threat Riemersma is. And he doesn't have the hands that Riemersma has, though there were some times last season when it seemed like Riemersma didn't have the hands he used to have either. Riemersma did warm up at the end, catching nearly half of his 53 catches in the last four games of the year, but it's pretty clear the Bills want better blocking from their tight end, and if there's a reason for Riemersma's possible departure, that would be it, along with a hefty contract.

Buffalo drafted Riemersma in the seventh round of the '96 draft.

The Bills also have fourth-year blocking tight end Sheldon Jackson, but his skills as a pass-catcher are questionable. Jackson's game is primarily blocking and special teams.

The only way Riemersma returns is if the Bills are going to run a lot of two tight end sets, as the Indianapolis Colts did with Ken Dilger and Marcus Pollard.

Moore was also being considered by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Bills are believed to have offered more money.

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