Flowers putting on the weight

I talked to Erik Flowers on Tuesday afternoon. Flowers is one of a modest group of players who is sticking around Buffalo this off-season to work out. He said his workouts are going well and he is aiming to weigh in at 270 this season.

Now when Flowers got to the Bills two years ago he was in the 270-range, but that was weight he put on in a hurry before the Combine – so he didn't have to be considered a "tweener," a player stuck between being a defensive end and linebacker. Last season, in losing weight – which the Bills wanted him to do – he was down to 245-250 and he was being pushed around like a rag doll.

The weight he's adding now is being properly added, with everything being overseen by the Bills trainers.

Flowers knows that many in the media and fans have labeled him a first-round bust, and he acknowledges that last year he "sucked," but he seems committed to breaking out in his third year rather than miring in the negativity.

There was a trade rumor going around at the end of last season that Flowers could be part of a multi-player draft-day deal, but he said the Bills administration has not approached him about any such plan.

Flowers is still upbeat about his NFL future and said he's not feeling any more pressure to perform – given the circumstances – than he normally does when he plays.

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