Bills and NFL Draft trends a good fit

According to the trends, the NFL Draft is playing perfectly into the hands of the Bills. The team's greatest needs are offensive and defensive tackle. More about that later. First, here are some things you should know about the 100 top-10 picks of the 1990s.

Nearly half (45 percent) of the top-10 draft choices from 1990 to 1999 became Pro Bowl players. More than a quarter (26 percent) of them were multiple Pro Bowl players.

And a top-10 pick averaged at least one Pro Bowl during that time frame, though the numbers were skewed by five of the 100 players accounting for nearly a third of the Pro Bowl invitations: linebacker Junior Seau (11 Pro Bowls, drafted fifth, 1990), defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy (8 PBs, third, '90); left tackle Willie Roaf (7 PBs, eighth, '93); left tackle Richmond Webb (7 PBs, ninth, '90) and running back Marshall Faulk (6 PBs, second, '94).

These are the types of players available in the top-10 – players who can become certain Hall of Famers with the proper development.

But what field position gives a team picking in the top-10 the highest probability of developing a player who can equal the caliber of Seau, Kennedy, Roaf, Webb and Faulk? Well, Kennedy, Roaf and Webb offer the best clues.

It is offensive and defensive tackle, the No. 1 and No. 2 positions that have produced the highest number of Pro Bowl players of all positions drafted in the top-10 the last 12 years. This is perfect for Buffalo!

Since 1990, NFL teams have drafted 15 offensive tackles in the top-10. Nine (60 percent) of them have developed into NFL all-stars, led by Roaf and followed by Tony Boselli (5 PBs, second, '95), Jonathan Ogden (5 PBs, fourth, '96), and Orlando Pace (3 PBs, first, '97). Most recently, Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels is the latest success. The team drafted him third in 2000 and he made the Pro Bowl in his second season.

The success of defensive tackles is second, with six of 11 players (55 percent) drafted in the top-10 developing into Pro Bowl performers. Kennedy leads, followed by Bryant Young (3 PBs, seventh, '94), Sam Adams (2 PBs, eighth, '94) and Darrell Russell (2 PBs, second, '97).


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