Bledsoe's too immobile to shine for Bills

Even if the Bills were serious about bringing in Drew Bledsoe, which I don't believe they are, I wouldn't get too excited about having him lead the Buffalo offense. Who can be confident that the line will protect a largely immobile quarterback such as Bledsoe?

Sure, he's probably capable of quicker decisions than Rob Johnson, which may mean he'd be an immediate upgrade to the line and at the QB position, but I'm not buying into him completely. Until I see the Bills protect the quarterback throughout a game, I'll still have doubts about a drop-back passer having success in Buffalo's current personnel situation.

On top of that, Bledsoe's passer rating has gone from 87.7 in 1997 to 80.9 in ‘98, 75.6 in ‘99, 77.3 in '00 and 75.3 in 2001 (though he only started two games). His career passer rating is 75.9. The nine-year veteran's game is in decline.

I think part of Tom Donahoe's strategy in talking about acquiring Bledsoe is keeping the Bills in the news. He knows it amounts to cheap advertising because the information will be reported everywhere – particularly information about a star quarterback.

In fact, I have to say it's a great marketing strategy.

The Bills have invited numerous free agents to One Bills Drive, but have signed only a sliver of them. Every time a new face shows up, however, it gets the town and the fans talking. It generates excitement. It's simply good PR.

In addition, it shows the prospective players the Bills' facilities in case they are free agents and want to join the team later in their careers. It plants a seed.

It's like an open house, and once word gets around to players that the facilities are very nice, that may pay off later.

Anyone feel like arguing?

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