TASKER'S TAKES: Teague gives Bills options

I LIKE THE Trey Teague signing a lot. He's a guy who has already started in the NFL as a 16-game starter and he has been in the league four years. He's a solid left tackle for a team that, up until recently, had designs on going to the Super Bowl and winning it. Teague's a very good player. He can come in to Buffalo and be the starter, instead of another guy who will compete for a starting job.

I say this because certainly the money the Bills signed Teague for is more than teams would pay someone who's just going to compete for a job. But it's also cheap for a good offensive tackle, especially a left tackle – it's dirt cheap.

Teague gives the Bills some freedom, not only to, perhaps, keep John Fina as a swing man inside at guard and center or even the starting center, it gives them some flexibility elsewhere.

In the draft, for instance, they can look at other possibilities they hadn't considered before.

Perhaps, they can go after Oregon's Joey Harrington with the No. 4 pick.

Or maybe they want to trade down.

Or, now that they got one of their crucial needs fulfilled at offensive tackle, maybe then they can bring in Drew Bledsoe. This is the idea I like most.

THE ACQUISITION OF TEAGUE makes the Bledsoe deal a little more likely because now that they don't need that pick, they can trade it and get a guy who's 29 years old, who's a proven-quality quarterback ready to give the team six years – he's already under contract. I think his cap number is $5 million, which is also very reasonable for a starting quarterback. He's a great value ...

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