Caught in a draft

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the draft lately, because that was part of my job in putting together Shout!'s draft preview.

The more I think about what the Bills might do with their first pick, the more confused I get. I think.

It probably helped the Bills that they signed Trey Teague. But it sure as hell didn't help those of us trying to figure out what Tom Donahoe and Gregg Williams might do when it comes time to pick.

If it comes time to pick, that is. Methinks Donahoe is protesting too much by complaining that people say he trades down "all the time." When anyone says something happens "all the time," we almost know that's not the case.

However, Donahoe does trade draft picks. He usually trades down, so that he can obtain more draft picks. And then he might even trade some of them for still more draft picks.

This year, Donahoe might have even more reason than usual to deal a pick or two, because he doesn't seem to be concealing his interest in obtaining Drew Bledsoe from the Patriots.  For draft picks?

I won't tell you here what I think about Bledsoe as a Bill. That's in my "First Down" column in Shout! As we used to say in grade school, "If you want to know what happens, you'll have to read the book."

Anyway, the acquisitions of Teague and possibly Bledsoe open up more possibilities for the Bills, but fewer options for the fourth pick in the draft.

It then would be down to A) defensive tackle, B) trade down or C) both.

It it's not John Henderson coming to Orchard Park for the April mini-camp, it might be Ryan Sims or Wendell Bryant. Or Eddie Freeman. I'm confused.

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