Shaud Williams Journal: 8/8/05

Bills runningback Shaud Williams is competing at training camp for the backup spot behind star Willis McGahee. Among the candidates are RaShard Lee and Lionel Gates as well as Williams. Shaud finished the 2004 season 2nd in rushing yards among rookie runningbacks in the AFC. He also was just a few rushing yards short of 100 in his first NFL start. Here Shaud gives fans a runningback's view of what is happening at the Bills training camp.

Shaud Williams:

Practices have been going really good here at camp as we continue to work on growing together as a team because I definitely feel like the talent is here. It has been a little warm out there but that's just part of training camp, you have to fight through the aches and pains to be good.

This competition at runningback is very competitive and we all are doing really good. Each of us is doing a lot of opening the coaches eyes to what we can do. Right now, among the three of us the door is wide open. Obviously they brought all of us in here for a reason and we've all shown them we are capable of being a No. 2 back, so I feel it's wide open. It's just a matter of getting the job done. One of my goals is to make it tough on the coaches to make a decision but also have as much fun as possible and we are all having a lot of fun at this.

As for me, I can only go out there and play football the best way I know how to and everything else should take care of itself. So far I feel like my most impressive moment had to be one day at practice the receiver got the ball stripped from him and I was hustling downfield and able to fall on it. I want to try to always be in the right place at the right time. I feel like that may have opened the coaches eyes a little bit because I was hustling and flying around wanting to make a play.

Even though we've been having fun, the first week of camp is the toughest so people really haven't been having too much fun. I think over the next few weeks you may start seeing the pranks and funny moments.

Practice this morning was good as well. I had some pretty good runs and was able to get some reps and just have some good runs today. The offensive line is doing a great job of blocking which is helping out all of us.

The main thing you can do in my position is just go in there, not make any mistakes, and hopefully catch the coach's eye. At the Green Bay scrimmage I was able to go in there, do what I needed to do, and not make any mistakes.

Look for Shaud Williams and other player journal entries coming soon.

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