Bills won't know what they'll get with Jackson

At his best, Grady Jackson would be just what the Bills need.

At his worst, Jackson would be something the Bills don't need.

Jackson, a free agent who visited Buffalo April 3, is a run-stuffing defensive tackle. Anyone who saw the Bills play last season knows it wasn't just Sam Cowart's absence that enabled their opponents to run at will up the gut.

The gut is an operative phrase because Jackson is listed at 325 pounds, the same way Ted Washington used to be listed at 330. Neither one gained his physique by supping at the salad bar.

Unlike Washington, however, Jackson has shown just sporadic motivation. While at Knoxville College, he simply stopped going to classes. With the Raiders, he too often fell under the influence of the underachieving Darrell Russell.

I frequently disagree with Sports Illustrated's Peter King, but I couldn't have put any better what I heard him say on the radio not long ago: "The team that signs Grady Jackson is going to wake up one morning in November and read that he has been one of this year's most disappointing free agents.

The Bills could sign Jackson, thinking they could solve their problem at defensive tackle and could turn their attention in the draft to another position.

They also could allow the Jets or Broncos or Chiefs to sign Jackson, and draft a player from among a promising group of tackles.

My advice: Stay away from Jackson.

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