The Tasker EXTRA: Gilbride & other thoughts

Kevin Gilbride had a good run with Warren Moon in Houston. He's had a lot of experience with offenses that run the ball. He's had a lot of experience with offenses that air it out. That's the thing: he's got a lot of experience (compared to someone such as Mike Sheppard). He calls a good game.

One of the things that I've heard players talk about is that on game day, both with Joe Pendry and Mike Sheppard, the players didn't like the way the guy called the game. They didn't like the play selection. I think Gilbride has got plays that a quarterback, a running back, other players, feel like they can step in the huddle and feel like they're going to win with that play. That's important. Gilbride brings that.

Plus, it's a knack. A coach has a knack. Some guys on game day make good decisions, taking into consideration how the week of preparation has gone; the situations of the game; the flow of the game. And they have a way of communicating with their players that gives them a sense of confidence with the play they're calling. That's a huge plus for any player.

On the Bills' upcoming draft: It's hard for most of us to keep track of the guys that these teams really like. Team administrators will go out and see a guy that the national media hasn't seen and all of a sudden a different guy that nobody knows about is in the mix. And nobody even knows the guy exists, except for the scouts on the team.

That's kind of the way it happened with Erik Flowers. He came out of nowhere when he was drafted. That's the way it is. You just don't know who's going to be picked or who's going to be available when you get there. It's a strange time of year; there's no way to predict.

On Erik Flowers: It's a little too early to call him a bust. He's been under two different head coaches in two years. And two different defensive coordinators. He was coming into a team trying to replace Bruce Smith. Those are high expectations, and it come with the territory when you're a first-round draft pick, but, by the same token, that's a lot to expect.

Steve Tasker, a seven-time special teams Pro Bowler during 12 seasons with the Bills, is an NFL analyst for CBS Sports. His column appears periodically in Shout!.

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