BUMP: Gotta hope for Harrington or Davey

Let's talk quarterbacks. That's something Tom Donahoe wouldn't do much Tuesday. We did find out that the Bills will take four quarterbacks to training camp, but when was the last time they didn't?

About Drew Bledsoe, Donahoe said, "We have had some conversations with New England. Those conversations continue to go on."

Another veteran free agent? "We may sign another quarterback before the draft, or we might not."

How about Joey Harrington? "We like Joey a lot. Harrington will be a guy who will go early in the draft. We feel there are several good quarterbacks."

It appeared that we might be coming closer to what Donahoe and the Bills really think about the level of need to supplement Alex Van Pelt and Travis Brown, for Donahoe named some names. Those names, in addition to Harrington -- who visited Buffalo today -- were Tulane's Patrick Ramsey and East Carolina's David Garrard.

No Kurt Kittner or Rohan Davey? Aha! The Bills must not think much of those two.

Not so fast, for Donahoe merely could have been following one of his own rules for evaluating NFL team's pronouncements of their draft strategies: "There is as much misinformation out there as there is accurate information."

Donahoe wasn't talking any more about Bledsoe, begging off because the Bills president said the draft was the day's topic. At this point, there probably isn't much to say about Bledsoe, who seems to remain a pipe dream. But then so do signing Jeff Blake or drafting Harrington.

Van Pelt and Brown will show up at St. John Fisher in July. Let's just hope that they're joined by Harrington or Davey rather than by Jonathan Quinn and Garrard.

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