BUMP: Bills will trade, go for Roy Williams or DT

As Wednesday dawned, the draft was barely three days away. That's 72 hours, give or take, but do we really know any more about what the Bills might do with their first-round draft pick than we did 72 days ago?


Not exactly. Well, more like not hardly. (No E-mail about double negatives, please; the phrase above is a rhetorical construction.)

Back in February, and even before that, we knew that the Bills could use help on both lines, at quarterback and at safety. Listen to the team's hierarchy talk now, and they'll tell you they can use help on both lines, at quarterback and at safety.

"But what about Trey Teague and Billy Jenkins?" you ask. Also, what about Drew Bledsoe?

We don't yet know what might happen with Bledsoe, but we might get a clue during the draft. If Buffalo drafts a quarterback high – not necessarily in the first round – don't expect to see Bledsoe here.

The Bills have improved themselves in other areas with players such as Teague and Jenkins. But those have been incremental improvements, not the kind of wholesale changes that will turn the team around. By combining those with prudent drafting, Tom Donahoe and Gregg Williams could show us some real progress.

That still doesn't tell us whom they will pick. I'm not changing my thinking, however. Expect them to trade the draft's fourth overall pick to a team near where the draft order takes those single digits and puts a one in front of them. And with the pick the Bills get then, expect them to introduce Roy Williams or a defensive tackle.

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