Adams now a secondary figure

One of the saddest impacts of the Tom Donahoe regime in Buffalo has been shunting Dwight Adams into the background. Donahoe and Tom Modrak seem to be doing a good job tearing down the Bills and building them back up, but it would also seem there should be some room for Adams in the picture.

Instead, when the Bills held their pre-draft media briefing, Donahoe, Modrak and Gregg Williams sat at a table on the stage to answer questions. Off to the side at floor level was a long table seating the team's scouts. In front of them, at a table by himself like a little kid at the family Thanksgiving dinner, was Adams.

The new regime didn't ask Adams to speak, nor did anyone venture to ask him any questions.

In years past, Adams has been the star of the show, combining broad knowledge of each draft class with down-home humor. It's impossible to forget his appraisal, for instance, of former Notre Dame wide receiver Derrick Mayes: "He's a closet Mack-Donalds, a junk-food eatah."

Another draft analyst would have said there was a concern about Mayes' weight, but who would have remembered that?

As easy as it might be for the current Bills' hierarchy to look at the 2000 draft (Erik Flowers in the first round) and say that Adams' time has passed, it shouldn't overlook the '99 class -- which included such key players as Antoine Winfield, Peerless Price, Keith Newman and Jay Foreman. The first three of those, along with Sheldon Jackson and Bryce Fisher, still are in Buffalo; Foreman is good enough that he was traded straight up for kick returner Charlie Rogers.

Adams had some like-minded scouts, such as Buddy Nix, whose "weighty" comments included his response to an inquiry about how Jamie Nails had lost some weight. Said Nix, "That's lahk throwin' a deck chair off the Tah-tanic."

Nix went with John Butler to San Diego. Perhaps Adams should have too. At least he would have been spared the indignity of being a 69-year-old team vice president at the little kids' table.

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