Why Bledsoe could really be a Bill

If Buffalo completes a deal for Drew Bledsoe by Saturday, it will be comparable to the trade that brought Cornelius Bennett to the Bills in 1987. I wouldn't exactly say it'd be among the greatest days in franchise history, but it would be a very good day. Of course, if the Bills win a Super Bowl with Bledsoe at the helm, then his arrival would rank among the most significant Bills moments of all-time.

Right now, I'm amazed the Bills are even in this position.

When the rumors of their interest in Bledsoe emerged from the off-season meetings in Orlando, Fla., I was quick to dismiss them. Sure, the Bills were interested in Bledsoe, but realistically, why would New England want to trade him to a team in its division? From the Bills' standpoint, it seemed more like, "Yeah, we'd love to have Drew. And we'd love to have Kurt Warner too."

Somehow, however, Tom Donahoe has managed to push this thing from the realm of fantasy to a distinct possibility – without the Bills even thinking about relinquishing the No. 4 pick.

Donahoe has a couple of things working in his favor to land Bledsoe. First and most obvious, Buffalo does not seem to be competing with any team for his services. The last known competing suitor was Cincinnati, but apparently discussions never advanced past the premature stage.

Second, New England wants to move the veteran quarterback for sure, despite Bill Belichick's contention that the team would be happy to keep him. The Patriots know, the Bills know – and we all have lived through – the destructive, annoying nature of quarterback controversies. It divides the team, its coaches and its fans. I mean everyone has feelings because it's in our nature to like and hate things.

So Donahoe has got New England in a real bind. The Patriots can trade the QB to Buffalo or risk the real possibility of this thing devastating team unity as they try to defend their Super Bowl title this season.

On top of that, with the rumors and the attempts to find Bledsoe buyers, New England has gone too far to go back now and keep him. The longer this goes, the tougher it gets for New England because the closer it gets to training camp and the start of the regular season. The last thing they want is to have the Bledsoe situation and questions surrounding it fresh in the players' minds in July. It's different in April. The memory is short.

Donahoe is relying on New England's desperation rising as time goes on. We're already seeing signs of it because the Patriots are willing to initiate talks with Buffalo now. As desperation rises, compensation falls. Try buying a car when you're desperate. You're not going to get a very good deal. That's why a draft day trade is not out of the question. It could be New England's best shot at getting any real value for Bledsoe, plus it protects the team from controversy as it moves closer to the start of the season.

Now I guess you could say Buffalo is desperate too, but Donahoe really doesn't mind Alex Van Pelt leading his team this year. Landing Bledsoe is just a bonus opportunity he feels he needs to take advantage of.

I'm not going to call Tom Donahoe a genius. I mean we're talking about football. I would, however, like him to represent me when I buy my next house and my next car.

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