Who's LT: Williams or Jennings?

The Bills decided not to trade down and instead selected Texas tackle Mike Williams with the No. 4 pick. Williams played right tackle for the Longhorns, protecting the blindside of left-handed quarterback Chris Simms.


"It was unanimous," Tom Donahoe said. "We think he's an outstanding prospect. One of our main off-season priorities was to improve the toughness of the offensive line. He's athletic for a big man. He plays on offensive line like a defensive lineman. We like his attitude, toughness and disposition."

There was a question about Williams' knee, which came up during the February combine. But Donahoe discounted that.

"The knee injury was overblown. Our doctors checked him out thoroughly; we talked to an orthopedic doctor at University of Texas. Anyone who saw him work out at the combine would know he doesn't have a knee injury."

Williams is a versatile player. He could play left tackle or right tackle. The Bills talked about his ability to finish blocks, which makes you think he's better at run blocking. Though it has Trey Teague penciled in at tackle, the team is considering moving him to center, and then deciding in mini-camp and training camp where second-year tackle Jonas Jennings and Williams best play.

Jennings began his NFL career at right tackle, but also spent a fair amount of time at LT last season. The Bills only mention that Williams gives them flexibility. Expect Jennings at LT and Williams at RT.


Mike Williams: "I just want to dominate every defensive player I go up against. I gotta have it."

Gregg Williams: "A very large, agile and tough offensive lineman is what we want here. He's got great personality and he adds to chemistry on our football team."

"He'll come in and earn our stripes like everybody else does."

"Mike has flexibility to move around. Same with Teague, he's a high-motor strong character, so there are lots of combinations. We'll have good people to compete with the final five spots."

Tom Modrak: "He's very light on his feet. A dancing bear is what one of our scouts said about him. Mike's a big man who's light on his feet."

"He brings a personality to the team. His presence will be evident in time."

"He's aggressive, he's competitive, physically tough, mentally tough. We want to add to the mix guys like that."

Gregg Williams: "He has movement and has great agility for a person that size and it's unusual. You just see him finishing blocks. As a coach you like the fact that he wants to block you, but he wants to do more after he blocks you."

"Bryant McKinnie is a really, really good football player. From a team-standpoint, we felt Mike just fit in to the style of player we need for this football team."

"He's never had a weight problem. He's a tight, compact player."

Tom Modrak: "300-pounders are unique guys. He's a thick guy, just naturally a big man."

"Sometimes you associate big with someone who cannot move, but he has excellent movement."

Kevin Gilbride: "He can play on either side of the line. Historically, teams are right-handed. There's a very good chance he could be there (on the right side)."

"We have more of a chance to be more effective in running game."

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