Donahoe says 'Stay tuned' on Bledsoe

Tom Donahoe didn't rule out the possibility that a Drew Bledsoe deal could happen. But he didn't want to talk about it the last couple of hours. In his comments to the local media and to ESPN, he urged people to "Stay tuned."


But offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride didn't hide his feelings. When asked about it this afternoon, Gilbride stepped away from the microphone and showed that he had the fingers on both hands crossed.

Here's some more of what Donahoe had to say about Mike Williams.

Tom Donahoe: "With our first pick we improved the competition and quality of offensive line. We felt that Mike Williams was one of the players at the top of our board. We went to Texas for his workout. We like his background. He has a great family situation."

Donahoe on whether the Bills had Williams always ranked over Bryant McKinnie: "Probably not in the beginning. The more we talked about it, we felt he was a little better run blocker and more advanced in that phase of it."

"Mike's very physical and very aggressive in his approach to game. That's very appealing to us."

"We think he's a little like Leon Searcy in his disposition."

"In time, we think that Mike Williams can be a leader."

"We didn't get one call this morning about the No. 4 pick."

"We were pretty determined with the pick. It would have had to be an unbelievable deal to get us to move from No. 4."

"We want five offensive linemen who can go out there and knock someone on their rear end."

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