SURPRISE: No Bledsoe, no DT, but a WR!

Buffalo fooled a lot of people and picked LSU wide receiver Josh Reed, a 5'10", 210-pound player who is built like a running back, has excellent hands and is hard to tackle. The pick probably left many Bills fans' disappointed because a trade for Drew Bledsoe did not materialize.


But Tom Donahoe said that his team was not going to give up a pick in this year's draft for the veteran quarterback because it never had the chance to talk to Bledsoe or his agent. He felt that because he was not able to deal with Bledsoe directly, that stalled the negotiation.

So Reed comes to Buffalo instead. He was projected to be a first-round wide receiver, but fell due to runs in other positions, such as tight end. He also doesn't have ideal, top NFL wide receiver-size, but his production cannot be questioned.

Last season, Reed caught 19 passes against Alabama for 293 yards and a 25-yard touchdown. He also had an excellent Sugar Bowl with 14 catches for 239 yards and two touchdowns.

His highlight reel features catches where he's bouncing off defenders – as Andre Reed once did for Buffalo – staying on his feet, and turning the play into a long-gainer.

One of the things Williams mentioned was Reed's willingness to run-block. That might be a clue that the coach was dissatisfied with the down-the-field blocking of his wide receivers last year.

Peerless Price comes to mind. Price likes to stretch the field, but doesn't like to get physical when he needs to. Remember how he let up on tracking down Pittsburgh cornerback Dewayne Washington, who was returning Travis Henry's fumble for a 63-yard touchdown last season? Price could have made an attempt at a shoe-string tackle, but elected not to. Price is a talent catching the ball, but he's not as physical as Gregg Williams likes his wideouts to be. Moulds is a little more physical, but there is room for improvement.

Reed, on the other hand, is not afraid to put his body on the line.

Tom Donahoe on taking a WR and not a perceived need such as DT: "We're not going to jump around the board just to take a position. We spend a lot of time and a lot of effort, scouting and grading and we're going to stay true to the system in our scouting and evaluation."

Tom Modrak: "Josh has excellent run-after-the-catch ability. He's very quick. He's strong. He looks like a running back. He has movement and breaks tackles. He catches the ball very well."

"He'll sneak deep on you. He's not a track guy."

Gregg Williams: "Josh plays fast and tough, and he blocks in the run game. He has toughness and he's a playmaker-kind of guy."

"We project him as an inside receiver. But he can play outside too."

Tom Donahoe: We've taken the two best players to take at that time. We are not going to take a player just based on a perceived need when there is a better player on the board; we're going to take the better player.  This guy was one of the most productive football players this year. He is a hard guy to get on the ground."

On Reed being similar to Andre Reed: "I would never put that kind of pressure on somebody, but if you want to compare him to Andre, that's a good comparison."

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