Bills gave up too much

Last year, the Bills sacrificed a lot of experience to straighten out their salary cap. This year, they're giving up some draft picks to build competitiveness.


As I write this, it appears that they have surrendered next year's first-round choice for Drew Bledsoe, Buffalo's quarterback of the short-term future.

The Bills also surrendered a valuable fourth-round pick to move up eight places to take defensive end Ryan Denney near the end of the second round.

What we're seeing is the flexibility of Tom Donahoe and Tom Modrak. They showed that they don't have to stockpile draft picks to address their needs solely with college kids.

They're rebuilding the Bills with Bledsoe, some draft picks and most likely a veteran defensive tackle acquired through free agency.

The team will be better. Its personnel people have taken the salary-cap money Donahoe slashed a year ago and applied it in a number of areas.

But the Bills are not out of the woods yet. Their own running game will be better, and Bledsoe clearly is a better passer than Alex Van Pelt or probably any quarterback they could have drafted. However, it still isn't certain that Buffalo will be able to stop anyone else's running game.

The problem is that by the time the remainder of the team is ready to win big, Bledsoe might not be around. But with the fourth-round pick they traded, the Bills might have missed on a quarterback -- Rohan Davey, David Garrard or Kurt Kittner -- who might have been able to take them where they'll want to be.

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