CB Thomas from UNLV taken in sixth round

Wanting to add to their defensive backs depth, the Bills selected UNLV cornerback Kevin Thomas with their sixth-round (176th overall) pick. The Bills will try him in nickel and dime packages. Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said, "If he can beat Chris Watson out, he'll be in those packages." Thomas will also play special teams.


Thomas has very good speed and is able to press cover. However, he doesn't get his hands up to jar the receiver out of his route. He "shadow presses," following the receiver down the field and making a play for the ball upon arrival.

Still, he had seven interceptions last season and recorded 14 for his career.

"He's a very, very athletic, four-year starter," said scout Dave W. Smith. "He's a very physical player … He's not a complete polished corner. We'll have to do a lot of work with him."

Gray and Gregg Williams found out about Thomas when his college coach spent time in Tennessee a couple of seasons ago during the NFL's minority coaches program. The program gives minority coaches the chance to spend time with an NFL team during training camp to learn from the coaches and instruct players.

From there, Gray and Williams kept an eye on Thomas' progress.

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