Did Buffalo really get a LT at No. 4?

Most people assume that because Mike Williams was a No. 4 overall pick, that he will be the Bills' left tackle of the future. Right tackles simply don't go that high in the draft. But Buffalo is not saying whether Williams or Jonas Jennings will start at left tackle this season. Might Buffalo have only gotten a right tackle with that pick?

Don't be disappointed, but it's extremely likely.

Now Tom Donahoe has said that the Bills feel a premier tackle could play either position. The feeling is that if he's a football player and he's talented, it shouldn't be hard for him to make the transition.

And it has been said that the reason Williams played right tackle was because Longhorns quarterback Chris Simms is a left-hander, so Texas had its best offensive lineman protecting the quarterback's blind side. That makes sense.

But the fact remains that Williams doesn't have much experience at left tackle. In 1999, when Texas left tackle Leonard Davis was injured, right tackle Cory Quye switched over to play left tackle for Davis, putting Williams, then a sophomore, in the starting lineup at right tackle for four games. Major Applewhite, a right-hander, was the quarterback then.

In 2000, Davis started every game at left tackle – which, of course, was warranted because he was the Longhorns' best lineman – and the best lineman in the country – and he ended up being the No. 2 overall draft choice with the Arizona Cardinals. Williams started the last 10 games at right tackle that year.

As a senior, Williams started every game at right tackle, of course, protecting Simms' blind side.

Williams' best asset is his run-blocking. He likes to flatten defenders. That makes him perfect for an NFL right tackle, where usually the top run-blocker plays – next to the tight end. The left tackle is usually the top pass blocker.

Initially, expect Buffalo to play Williams at right tackle because he's most comfortable there, with Jennings lining up at LT.

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