Williams will own Buffalo in no time

The Bills' top draft pick, 6'6", 375-pound offensive tackle Mike Williams, arrived in Buffalo today. If he is anything on the field like he is speaking in public, he will quickly become Buffalo's fan favorite in no time.


Williams will wear No. 68, a departure from the No. 63 he wore at Texas. But center Billy Conaty is No. 63, so perhaps, the two will make a training camp agreement to switch numbers. For now, Williams has got No. 68.

Here's some of what Williams said today.

On Drew Bledsoe: "I talked to Drew last night, just briefly and he asked me, ‘Are you ready?' I said, ‘Yup.' He said, ‘Alright, you got me, don't you?' I'm like, ‘Yeah!' Now I'm talking to Drew, he's big time. So I said, ‘YEAH, DREW I GOT YOU! I GOT YOU! I GOT YOU, DREW' I'm kind of nervous a little bit, but I'm saying, ‘I GOT YOU, DREW!' He's the captain, and hey, I'm going to work for him … It's motivating in two ways. You don't want to get him hit because he's the captain. I'm the workhorse. And it gives you confidence. This man over here says, ‘I'm trusting you.' I had never seen him face-to-face. I talked to him, but never saw him face-to-face. He said, ‘Man, you got me. I'm trusting you.' That's big."

How he switches between being fun and good-natured off the field to being fierce on it, with numerous pancake blocks to his credit: "It's an on and off switch. There's a trick to it. Through the course of life there are trials and tribulations and frustrations so you channel that when you get on the field. Because that's the only place you can use that. You don't want to hurt ‘em, but you want to rough them up a little bit – without going to jail. You channel that right there and you're A-OK. So that's how I do that … I also think about how I want to be the best and I motivate myself. If I'm going to be the best I'm going to have to beat you. That's my goal, and I'm sorry that you're right here, but that's just it. I apologize when I get off the field. I say, ‘What happened to him?' But while I'm on the field, that's a job. That's my passion for the game. You just don't get in front of me and you'll be alright."

On having very quick, mobile feet: "When I was younger, I did all kinds of stuff – Basketball, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, soccer – so I was always very active. And then when I got to 9th grade, all those things started to disappear very quickly (when he hit a growth spurt). I attribute those things to having light feet."

On his ability to do splits back when he was a kid: "Yeah, I could. Don't ask me to do them now or we'll be going to the training room after that."

On being an offensive lineman and being in a city known for its fatty foods: "Nah (I'm not worried). I'm from Texas. You got steak, rib-eye, porterhouse, filet. You know, if I can survive down there … No it's not going to be a problem. I have confidence in the strength staff and they're going to take care of me."

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