Mini-camp's over; so is the honeymoon

On the third day of the Bills' orientation mini-camp, young players such as Jamarei Bryant and Muadianvita Kazadi knew they weren't in Kansas any more. Kazadi had had a taste of life in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, but for Bryant and most of the 55 other Bills present, the day was an eye-opener.


Head coach Gregg Williams called out Bryant, a cornerback from Kansas State, for not coming up to the line of scrimmage quickly enough to pick up a receiver in the defense that was called.

Not much longer, second-year man Jason Bostic made the same mistake and heard about it from Williams. Bostic at least was able to regroup and knock down the next pass that came his way.

But as the seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills went on, Williams called aside other players, such as rookie corner Kevin Thomas and middle linebacker Kazadi, to point out ways to do their jobs better.

On the third and final day of the mini-camp, they no longer were new Bills, but rather expected not to make mistakes.

"This was the day a lot of things started jumbling in their heads," the coach said, explaining why the mistakes were made while not excusing them.

Now they'll have three weeks or more to get those things unjumbled. Some rookies will come in after May 15, and will take part in a full-squad mini-camp the following week. In the meantime, Williams said, "The big thing now is they'll get a chance to go back over it. There will be a lot of phone calls back and forth before May 15. As soon as they can take a mental rep instead of having to have to physical rep, they'll know they understand it.

"The big thing is working on conditioning. They'll need that because we'll be adding veterans to the mix, and they'll have to play side by side. It's one thing to see it in the classroom, but learning about playing side by side with teammates only comes from the mini-camps."

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