SMERLAS: Bledsoe should recharge Bills' batteries

Drew Bledsoe has all the money he needs, probably as much as Ralph Wilson almost. Does a guy like that need to get his ass hit? The guy who took his place – Tom Brady – is now the Super Bowl MVP. All the stuff that was Bledsoe's is now gone.

A person who has played at the level he has played at - does he say, "I'm tired of it," or does he say, "I don't care who's in the locker room. I'm going to play my ass off and show them."

Bledsoe is the second type of guy. I saw the glare in his eye, the tone of his voice, when he arrived in Buffalo. I think he can rekindle the flame.

I think he likes it there. Down here in New England, we have these granola-eating baseball fans and hockey fans, and then football fans. Up there in Buffalo, there's a hockey team, but football is it 365 days a year. That environment I think is going to help him. He'll like being out in the country there, and I think he will come back.

A lot of players are pumped to have him there. Rob Johnson instantly knocked them down emotionally. They know he was not going to do it. But they've seen this guy at he highest level. He's taken the Patriots to the Super Bowl; he helped them win the AFC Championship Game last year, even if he was on the sidelines at the Super Bowl. Johnson, when he was in Buffalo, was on the sideline because he was always hurt. And he was just thinking of the next wave he could ride.

The Bills feel they're professional again.

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