Q&A with Mike Williams' UT line coach

I caught up with Mike Williams' offensive line coach at University of Texas, Tim Nunez. Nunez spoke highly of Williams, particularly as a human being off the field. Here's what Nunez had to say.

Shout!: Describe Mike as a person.

Tim Nunez: As a person, he's a tremendous person. He's a great Christian, comes from a great family that is a real strong Christian family. His dad has got a military background so he's a disciplined guy. He's a bright person. Great smile, great personality. From there he's got everything you want as an individual. The character … he's never been problem off the field. Those things are real fun. You don't have to worry about grades.

On the field, when you're the first lineman taken in the draft, it goes without saying what kind of ability you have. I tell people he's a dancing bear. He's so light on his feet, he's got great punch. He's really matured, especially the last couple of years as a football player.

Shout!: What's his family background like?

Nunez: His dad and mom are in the house. They both work. His dad has got a military background. He's still in the military as a reservist, I think. His mom is in the house. He's got an older brother who just got married last summer. Just a great family. They have a nice house in The Colony, which is a nice suburb in the Dallas area. He's coming from a great mom and dad and he's not a poor guy by any means, but he's had to work for everything he's got.

Shout!: You think Mike can handle NFL fame and fortune, particularly as a No. 4 overall pick?

Nunez: Oh yeah. But I don't care who you are and how much you love football, it's a transition for a guy to go from high school to college, and from college to the NFL. I think you have to be mature to handle it. I just tell the kids it's always going to be an adjustment. It's not the same game. And everybody is in it because it's a business.

Shout!: You've said that you think Mike will have a bit of an adjustment and might endure some initial struggles when he gets to the NFL. Would you explain that?

Nunez: We constantly preach at Texas that it's a football game and games are supposed to be fun. And we try to make practice fun. When you get into the NFL, it becomes a job and you've got to work to keep your job. Even though Mike's going to make a lot of money early, if he's going to stay in the NFL, he's got to keep playing well so he can make a lot of money late too. In college, you hang around the dressing room and you laugh and talk and you do all those kinds of things and then you go to suffer together on the training table. In the NFL, guys are married. They don't hang around the dressing rooms. They go home to their wives and kids. And so all of a sudden it becomes more of a business because you may be the only single guy and everybody's married, and suddenly, you're alone. That's as big an adjustment as anything. I don't think that's going to be a problem for Mike.

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