Donahoe was against Steelers' uniform change member SOTEX is one fan who is against the Bills changing their uniforms. SOTEX is attempting a letter-writing campaign aimed at stopping the team from making the switch simply in respect for tradition. An interesting part of the whole uniform modification is that when Tom Donahoe was Steelers general manager, the team considered some new uniform designs, but ultimately rejected the idea because "fans would be outraged."

Here's a Q&A with Donahoe in which he talks about the Steelers' consideration of a new uniform design. This was taken from an old CNN/ interview done in 1999.

CNN/SI: Everyone is changing their logos and colors and the Steelers have not. They won't ever change, will they?

Tom Donahoe: Probably not.

CNN/SI: They'll be no glitz in Pittsburgh?

TD: Our fans would be outraged. They love our uniform and we think it's one of the best uniforms in the League, so we don't have any plans to tinker with it. We tinkered with it last year because we went with Nike and they came in with unbelievable elaborate designs, pictures, a lot of things that they wanted to do. Mr. Rooney just looked at them. He just didn't feel it would sell.

CNN/SI: Was it a dramatically different design?

TD: Oh yeah!

CNN/SI: And the logo was different too?

TD: The logo wasn't really different, the design of the uniform was pretty far out there.

CNN/SI: As dramatic as Denver's?

TD: Not quite, but in that direction.

CNN/SI: Well, I'm glad you stayed.

TD: Yeah, we are too. We like it and it's us.

CNN/SI: There has to be some constants in the NFL.

TD: Well, there's not many. But maybe we're one of them.

Now SOTEX writes here that, "the new design is butt ugly and very inferior to what we have now. As a Buffalonian, I feel proud of the current red, white, and blue uniform with the charging buffalo logo on the helmet. It has been our standard for a long time and it went to our four Super Bowls. It has assumed the sentimental value and status of a tradition."

Obviously, Donahoe and the Steelers decided against a uniform switch for tradition's sake, turning away a certain windfall of money. The Bills, of course, have built a similar proud tradition the last 15 years. Why doesn't Donahoe think Bills fans would be similarly outraged? Does he think Bills fans are less passionate about their team than Pittsburgh fans?

Is Buffalo simply trying to make more money, or will these uniforms actually improve the way the team looks? Let's debate on the message board.

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