Questions to be uncovered at mini-camp - Part I

On Thursday the Bills' will kick off their first team mini-camp of the off-season, uniting the whole team for workouts at team headquarters. The six days of practice will be the first real opportunity for fans to get an inclination as to what the Bills plan to do with some of their personnel.

Now usually coaches don't come right out and tell you what the team has in mind, but Lary Bump and I, being very sharp, very experienced and very gifted in our abilities to observe NFL practices and make conclusions from them, will give you our thoughts on what the Bills look like they're trying to do. No media outlet does that better than us.

Here are some questions we'll be trying to answer on offense, in no real order of importance, but only the order that they come out in my mind right now. On Thursday, we'll have questions about the defense, plus a full report on the first day of camp.

Do the Bills use two tight end sets a lot? If they're not featuring a lot of two tight end stuff, then they're probably not keeping Jay Riemersma around.

What is Larry Centers' role? Centers' offensive output cannot be argued. However, if Buffalo continues to go in the direction of a physical running game to gut out yards, it might be looking for a more physical presence from its fullback. Watch for Phil Crosby and even rookie Jarrett Ferguson there.

What about Travis Henry? The Bills are interested in bringing in another tailback, but why? Suffice it to say that Henry has some proving to do this season. Certainly, however, Henry will be with the starters in mini-camp.

Who's playing left tackle with the first team – Jonas Jennings or Trey Teague? If Jennings is at LT, then is Teague at center? If Teague is at LT, then is Jennings a center or right guard? Are Jerry Osroski and/or Billy Conaty in trouble? We already know rookie Mike Williams is starting right tackle (as a matter of fact, we were on top of that one before anybody, we're so awesome). Anyway, we can learn a lot just by watching the line during these six practices. This will be great.

Did John Fina show up?

Where is rookie WR Josh Reed fitting in? Is Buffalo going to play a lot of three wide receiver sets? Or is Reed simply a third-down option? A little bit down the road we'll see if the coaching staff has designs on Reed replacing Price, who is an unrestricted free agent next off-season.

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