Who's on the line?

Opening day is nearly four months away, but the Bills' offensive line picture may have cleared up considerably on the first day of the May mini-camp.


A betting man could conclude that Buffalo will line up to play the Jets this way, left to right: Trey Teague, Ruben Brown, Jonas Jennings, Jerry Ostroski and Mike Williams.

The buzz as the camp opened was over Jennings' playing center. He started 12 games at right and left tackle in 2001, and hadn't played center since his sophomore year at Georgia.

The man who will largely be responsible for deciding who plays where was bullish on Jennings but cautious in establishing a timetable or tipping his hand.

Said offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, "I think he can be one of the premier centers in the league if that's the position we can afford to use him at."

In other words, Jennings will start somewhere on the line.

"Ideally, you'd like to know now who will start where," said Gilbride, "but you just can't. You're hazarding a guess and trying to project."

He said he hoped to know the line's lineup by the end of June. "They get to know each other by playing next to one another. Nothing is more important on the line than unity as a group."

Gilbride indicated that Jennings would work for two weeks or so at center, and that Teague would have a shot after that. Incumbent center Bill Conaty also could be in the mix, but Gilbride said he expected to keep Ostroski at guard.

Jennings himself said, "It's something I've got to do for the team, and it's probably not the last position you'll see me at. Like the coach says, we want to get the best five guys on the field. It's a spot I've got to cover. We've got a good center in Billy. I don't know; y'all don't know. It's the first day back."

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