Henry back from surgery and looking good

Travis Henry has come back to Buffalo this year with greater resolve. He may be facing a challenge from Shawn Bryson, but during the May mini-camp it was Henry who was running with more abandon and cutting more crisply than we saw during his rookie season. Henry talked to Lary Bump in this Shout! EXCLUSIVE after one of the mini-camp sessions.

Lary Bump: How have you spent your off-season?

Travis Henry: I came in and had the surgery after the season was over. I didn't go home; I rehabbed it here. I wanted to have the mindset that I put it behind me. I worked out every day and got my weight down to 215.

LB: Is that the weight you'd like to be at this season?

TH: I think I'll play at that weight.

LB: What was your playing weight last year?

TH: I was at 220 or 223 last year. I think I'll have an extra step at 215.

LB: What was your surgery?

TH: It was arthroscopic surgery on the patellar tendon. I had tendinitis. I had surgery on the knee in 1997 when I had cartilage removed. Over the years at Tennessee, it just built up.

LB: Has the rehab gone more quickly than expected?

TH: Way quicker. They didn't expect me back at all until this time. I wanted to participate in everything at the last mini-camp because I was way ahead of where they expected me to be at. I expect we will be better this year, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

LB: So you're excited about this season?

TH: Yes, we got some big-name guys, like Drew Bledsoe.

LB: Would you say after your surgery you're as good as new?

TH: Brand new.

LB: Thanks, Travis, for taking the time for this Shout! exclusive.

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