Bills' new uniforms the pinnacle of COOL

The Bills unveiled their new uniforms Saturday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and to the majority of fans in attendance, they seemed to be a welcomed change. The team integrated its traditional red and royal blue with a new primary color – a deep navy – with splashes of gray (called Buffalo nickel) thrown in for contrast.

Despite filing a logo for trademark with the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office in November 2001 – a "B" incorporated into the head of a buffalo – the team did not include a secondary logo. Instead, the only logos that adorn it are Reebok's and the NFL's. The Bills' helmets mostly remain the same, featuring the charging buffalo on red. Buffalo did add the navy blue and nickel striping on the helmet's top.

Overall, the navy blue home jerseys look similar to the Houston Texans'. The road uniforms – featuring a return to blue pants – are stylized much like the Tennessee Titans.

The Bills remain one of only 9 NFL teams to feature jersey numbers on the sides of their shoulders instead of on the tops of them. The other teams are the Jets, Colts, Bears, Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Cardinals and Texans. The Redskins did have numbers on their sides, but are changing for next season.

Many teams have put numbers on the tops so they can include a secondary logo on the sides. The fact remains that the Bills have a secondary logo registered to them, but have decided not to use it.

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