Don't anybody (else) get hurt

It was easy to tell Wednesday that the Bills' June mini-camp is just about over. Some players were beginning to get into their "Let's get out of here and go on a short vacation mode" a day early.

The on-field sessions were more sophisticated, with more exotic offensive formations and defenses to counter them. The Bills went with as many as four wide receivers on occasion, and with anywhere from zero to three tight ends. The defense showed three different packages on successive first-and-10 plays.

And perhaps most significantly, some minor injuries piled up. Ruben Brown limped off near the end of practice with what was called a bruised right knee. Earlier, Ron Edwards had his right ankle examined and re-taped, and sat out the rest of the workout. Jay Riemersma became an observer again after going through practice Tuesday. Don't expect any of them to be taking part in the final day of drills Thursday.

The coaching staff continued to look at players in different positions. Tyrone Robertson worked some at left defensive end, Leif Larsen at nose tackle and Demetrious Maxie at under tackle. On offense, Marcus Price moved from right tackle to the left side, with Kris Farris shifting to right tackle. Trey Teague was with the first unit at center, with Bill Conaty backing him up.

Some other observations:

After Michael Early twice held off Bryce Fisher in one-on-one pass-rush drills, Fisher got in a few right hands after wrestling Early to the ground and before teammates broke up the skirmish.

After running backs fumbled on successive plays, Drew Bledsoe gathered the whole offense around him for a few words. And on the goal-line play when Brown was injured, Bledsoe took a dangerous dive to fall on Travis Henry's fumble. Bledsoe's biggest play was a seemingly effortless pass from beyond midfield to hit Peerless Price in stride near the goal line.


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