Where are the top free agents headed?

A look at some of the key free agents and where they'll end up regardless of what the league sets the salary cap at:

Eric Moulds- New England: The cliché pick is Philadelphia. Bill Belichick knows Moulds all too well and they're losing David Givens. It's not that Moulds won't take less money; it's that he won't take less money to stay in Buffalo. After ten years and never advancing past the first round of the playoffs, Moulds will take fewer coins for a chance to play with Tom Brady and win a title, sticking it to the Bills in the process.

Sam Adams and Lawyer Milloy- Cincinnati: Miami is rumored to be in love with him but the Bengals are dire for a big tackle and Adams dominated as a Raven with Marvin Lewis as coordinator. This is a textbook match for a man the Buffalo Bills will very much regret laying off. As for Milloy, the Bengals need safety help and in spite of declining skills is still physical and would be a fine addition for Lewis.

Tom Ashworth, Stephen Neal and Damoine Lewis- Buffalo: Of all the things the Bills need to address nothing takes precedent over the offensive line. The former Patriots linemen not only bring an upgrade physically; they bring with them a winner's mentality; something the Bills line knows little about. Lewis will help take the sting from cutting Adams and will team with either Broderik Bunkley or Haloti Ngata from the draft.

Edgerrin James- Minnesota: Forget all the talk of the Vikings going RB in the draft. They won't need one after singing Edge. The Vikings are one of a few teams that have the cash to sign him without killing their cap and he'll take a ton of pressure off Brad Johnson, who WILL be the Vikings quarterback in '06.

Terrell Owens and Adam Vinatieri- Dallas: Jerry Jones feels like he can get the best out of Owens. If any coach can tame T.O. it's Parcells. As far as the kicker, how many close games has Dallas lost in the past two years?

Drew Brees and Josh Reed- Miami: Somehow, some way the Dolphins will find a way to sign Brees. Miami is a quarterback away from being legitimate Super Bowl contenders and he's the guy to get it done. Reed played under Nick Saban at LSU and could enjoy a rebirth as a nice and relatively cheap compliment to Chris Chambers.

Joe Jerevicous- Carolina: Ricky Proehl but better. Someone has to lessen some of the hassle off Steve Smith. Big Joe is a stud in the red zone. Too bad for the Panthers he can't play linebacker and safety too.

Ty Law- San Diego: Lots of teams need a top flight corner but few can afford one. The Chargers can. With Law they can finally kill the outlandish theory that Quentin Jammer is a number one corner.

Jamal Lewis- Jacksonville: Lewis is going to be very disenchanted with the market out there for him. Fred Taylor is only 30, but he's the oldest 30 in the league. Lewis will bring a smash mouth football mentality to the offense Jack Del Rio desperately wants.

Rocky Bernard- Arizona: Some team is likely to throw a ridiculous amount of money at Bernard based on one great year and the Cardinals will be that team. The Cardinals are desperate to stop someone on defense and as a result Bernard's getting a massive pay day. All the power to him but personally a better DT investment would be Trevor Pryce. Speaking of..

Trevor Pryce- Cleveland: Last year half of the Browns line was traded to Denver. Maybe this is a little payback. Pryce is a high-quality tackle and Romeo Crennel knows this. He'll come with a steep price but the Browns have the cap room and with Pryce Cleveland can take Manny Lawson or Chad Greenway early in the draft at linebacker, another position of need.

Charles Woodson and Darren Howard- Detroit: The Lions have the cash and if healthy, Woodson alongside Dre Bly would solve the corner problem. For as big a name he is, Woodson has a lot to prove and if he flops it's almost fitting he'd bomb under Matt Millen. On the bright side, at least the fans won't be talking about his never ending selection of wide receivers. Howard would be a big improvement over Kalimba Edwards.

Lavar Arrington and Sam Madison- NY Giants: The Giants are horrid on defense after the front four and were exposed by Carolina in the playoffs. They'll set out to make sure this doesn't happen again. Both players will be major improvements to the Giant defense and if Arrington can get back the mojo he once had, look out.

LeCharles Bentley and David Givens- Philadelphia: With T.O. and Jon Runyan gone and the Eagles already in good cap shape, they'll look to replenish the offense quick. Bentley is as hot a commodity as any lineman in the league and Givens brings the home run threat McNab clearly needs.

Kevin Shaffer- Houston: The Texans are very serious about putting a real offensive line around David Carr and Shaffer, a future Pro Bowler is a terrific start.

Antonio Bryant- New Orleans: Matt Leinart needs weapons, the Saints are way under the cap and Bryant wants to get paid top currency. He'll go to the highest bidder and New Orleans will suit him fine.

Antwaan Randle El- Chicago: No revelation here. He's a valuable weapon for Rex Grossman and will elevate the return game.

Jon Runyan and Maurice Morris- Baltimore: Runyan still has a few good years left and Ozzie Newsome will benefit from them. Johnathan Ogden is getting old.. fast. Morris is an underrated back and will compete with whatever rookie gets drafted in round one.

Jason Fabini and Justin Hartwig- San Francisco: Mike Nolan is unwavering to make sure Alex Smith doesn't bust and putting some semblance of an offensive line around him is a good start. These moves allow the 49ers to concentrate on Michael Huff and a linebacker to take over for Julian Peterson in the draft.

Mike Vanderjagt- San Francisco- What team doesn't want an idiot, liquored up kicker? As a bonus for Vanderjagt, he won't have to worry about missing last second field goals in a playoff game.


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