A familiar sight: Reed catching passes

OK, so some of you have questioned why the Bills used a second-round draft pick for Josh Reed when they had more obvious needs on the defensive end.


But then you didn't see the first offensive unit's two-minute drill on the final day of Buffalo's June mini-camp Thursday. The offense received the ball with its mission to score a touchdown from some 70 yards away within one minute, 33 seconds of playing time. 

With the entire veteran wide receiving corps either injured or sitting out practice, Drew Bledsoe found Reed repeatedly. Four Bledsoe-to-Reed passes – over the middle, sitting down in the seams between zones, on the sidelines – zipped the ball downfield.  

With three seconds on the clock, Bledsoe again dropped back from the two yard line, looked to his right and threw toward the right sideline about two yards deep in the end zone. The pass was there, and so was Reed. Touchdown! 

The second unit had an easier time scoring. On the first play of its two-minute drill, Alex Van Pelt unloaded a long pass. Charlie Rogers ran past rookie cornerback Kevin Thomas, and with free safety Travares Tillman nowhere in sight, took in the pass for a relatively easy TD. 

But the star of the show was Reed. Once the season begins, he'd probably be the third receiver in the Bills' two-minute offense. But this time, he proved he could handle being the primary target. And remember, he was going against the first offense's talented cornerbacks (Antoine Winfield and Nate Clements) and linebackers experienced in pass coverage (Eddie Robinson and London Fletcher).  

Reed clearly has shown he can get open. He can catch the ball, even if it's not thrown where it's supposed to be and he has to adjust his body to grab a pass. He's tough and quick enough to avoid a bump at the line.  

In time, it's likely we'll regard Josh as a draft-day steal, like another guy named Reed.

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