Moulds gives Bills an Ulltimatum

Wide receiver Eric Moulds asked the Buffalo Bills on Monday to release or trade him, unhappy with the course of his recent contract renegotiations. Representatives for Moulds are publicly campaigning for the team to give their star WR his outright release. Indications were made that if the team does not give him his release, Moulds might skip some mandatory mini camps and/or workouts.

"The Bills have put us in a position where we're at Option Z, and Option Z is to ask to be released," Moulds' personal adviser, Greg Johnson, told The Associated Press. "It's a sad day. And we wish things could've worked out, but it's just not working out." Johnson added " Let him go, it's only fair, if they're not going to pay what we feel is fair-market value, he should be allowed to go somewhere where he could maybe get it."

"We spoke a lot on Friday and just couldn't come to an understanding of what his fair-market value is," Johnson said. "Unfortunately, the Bills believe Eric's value is totally opposite of what we think. He'd be grossly underpaid and grossly underappreciated."

Added Johnson: "The ball was in their court. We wanted to hear from them and if we did, we'd try to keep working something out. But we're at option Z. He wants to be released and maybe then he can find his fair-market value someplace else. We just respectfully disagree with the Bills."

The Buffalo Bills have tried in earnest to get Moulds' contract and cap number reduced significantly over the past two weeks. Twice they approached their 10-year veteran; twice they have been rebuffed. Moulds, a 10-year veteran who has played his entire career with the Bills, has two years left on his contract. He's scheduled to make about $7.1 million next season and count about $10.85 million against the salary cap. Moulds, 33, has 675 career catches and 48 touchdowns. He was the team's leading receiver last year with 81 catches for 816 yards and four TDs.

The recent CBA negotiations and settlement have bought the Bills some time to attempt to reach a deal palpable to both parties- but to no avail. Bills general manager Marv Levy said in a statement: "Our intention remains to keep Eric as a part of our team."

The Bills signed three free agents over the weekend, including receiver Andre' Davis, a four-year veteran who spent last season with New England. Although he's had 23 starts in 48 career games, Davis is expected to compete for a secondary job behind Lee Evans, who would become the Bills' top receiver if Moulds was released.

The Moulds camp has seen these moves and they aren't pleased with the Bills course. In their eyes, if the Bills are not going to back off from their stance to take what Johnson referred to as "a substantial pay cut." and want the Bills to cut or trade him immediately. The longer the Bills wait, the harder it will be for Moulds to find a club with cap space in tune with his salary expectations.

"We feel like we're absolutely going nowhere," said Johnson, adding he also would consider the team trading Moulds. "We respectfully disagree with the Buffalo Bills." Johnson said he believes the Bills are going to release Moulds at some point this offseason and he would rather have the team make the move now to allow the player to begin searching for a new team.

"I think Eric is due that respect by the Buffalo Bills," Johnson said. "We need to find out what his fair market value is and we're going to determine that by finding what other teams out there are willing to pay him. ... We'll never determine that if we just continue to go back and forth with the Buffalo Bills."

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