Both Bills and Moulds wheeling and dealing

The Texans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver and New England are among the teams interested in Moulds, a former first-round draft choice who is entering his 11th year. Over his past eight seasons, Moulds has averaged 78 catches and 1,065 yards.

His recent production has fallen off, with just 10 touchdown catches and has averaged only 77.6 catches per year the last three seasons.

A league official familiar with the negotiations said Sunday night that the Bills are asking for a fourth-round pick.

According to a source from one of the five teams on Moulds' wish list, the wide receiver is looking for a contract similar to the one Isaac Bruce signed with the St. Louis Rams 2 weeks ago. Bruce, who is a year older than Moulds, signed a 3-year, $15 million contract with the Rams on March 10. "Right now, the money aspect is out of whack," said one league general manager. "If he wants to get traded, he's going to have to come to grips that he's not going to get that. Or maybe he will. Maybe there's a team that's willing to pay him that."

The Texans are interested in trading for veteran Buffalo Bills receiver Eric Moulds to start opposite Andre Johnson.

"We're exploring an opportunity for Eric to play for the Texans," said Greg Johnson, one of Moulds' representatives. "If all sides can see eye to eye, we'll make it happen. But everyone has to see eye to eye."

While the Texans have the most resources and cap ability to accommodate Moulds, they are the farthest away from competing for a Super Bowl. Money aside, It appears that the Philadelphia Eagles would be the team of preference.

"Every time I mention Philadelphia, Eric's ears perk up," said Greg Johnson, who represents the 32-year-old Bills wide receiver along with his partner, Harry Henderson. "He wants to go to Philadelphia. He really feels he could help them. He loves the idea of being an Eagle and playing with Donovan McNabb."

"Eric would like nothing better than to play with Donovan," he said. "He said he was looking forward to going out to Arizona and training with him (if he's traded to the Eagles)."

Denver is another contender hoping to land the Pro Bowl WR, but is very tight against the salary cap. Seattle, which signed Minnesota Vikings restricted free agent WR Nate Burelson to a 7-year $49 million offer sheet, might be interested in his services if the Vikings choose to match. The Vikings are not expected to do so.

Ron Edwards Signs with KC

Bills defensive tackle Ron Edwards has followed his ex-position coach, Tim Krumrie to the Kansas City Chiefs. When healthy, Edwards has been productive. He had four sacks two years ago. But he missed most of the year in two of the last three seasons because of injuries.

Edwards, 26, played five seasons with Buffalo, only one as a full-time starter, and missed all but four games last season because of a shoulder injury. He projects as depth, perhaps a third tackle if veteran starter John Browning decides to retire.

Terms were not released

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