Draft Sleepers- Wide Receivers

Everybody knows the big names in the draft. The Vince Young's, the Reggie Bush's, the Matt Leinart's. Raise your hand though if you know who Paul McQuistan, Brett Elliott, Delaine Walker, and Drouzon Quillen are. The draft doesn't really even begin till day 2 kicks off and I am going to show you who you should look for come April 30th. A position by position breakdown and the top 5 sleepers at each position with other to look for.

1. Todd Watkins 6'2 185lbs. 40yd dash-4.4 BYU Projection: 5th Rd
Watkins has incredible speed and can beat any team deep or over the middle picking up the YAC yards. He uses his speed well to gain separation from defenders down the field. Watkins has good size for his position and has springs for legs. A QB could easily just throw up a jump ball in the red zone and expect Watkins to come down with it. He has excellent awareness of where the holes are in zone coverage and can cut off a route to sit down in one them.

Watkins is as thin as a toothpick and needs to bulk up before competing against the more physical bump and run corners in the league. He is still raw and played in a pass happy spread system at BYU. He's not very familiar or good at down the field run blocking. He also prefers to stay to the outside and avoid the big hitting safeties over the middle. He still lacks the consistency in his hands and will drop the easy catches that drive fans nuts.

2. Delanie Walker 6'1 218lbs. 40yd dash-4.5 Central Missouri St Projection: 6th Rd
Walker is a tough, physical receiver for his size, and he will rarely be jammed at the line by any CB. When Walker goes up in the air for a pass he has amazing control and allows for him to come down with the ball and remain upright to try and gain more yards. Walker is a fearless WR, he will go over the middle every play if you ask and lay a shoulder into anybody trying to lay a lick or tackle him. He is a good downfield blocker and finished his blocks as well as anybody. He has a great attitude. If he misses a ball he thinks he should of caught he will work 2x as hard the next down to make the next catch. He is a poor man's Hines Ward.

He will lose focus over the course of the game if not kept in the play and it needs to be corrected. He also will drop balls after his focus starts to wander. He has played against inferior competition his entire career and will need time to adjust to the speed of the game. The last concern of his game is that he lacks some explosiveness in and out of his cuts.

3. Marques Colston 6'4 222lbs. 40yd dash-4.53 Hofstra Projection: 6th Rd
Colston has good size at 6'4 and that comes with long legs which allow for him to reach top speed quickly. Colston has solid and steady hands that will quickly become any QB's best friends. He adjusts real well to a poorly thrown ball and is a true leaper which at his size is a huge advantage in the red zone.

Colston lacks top end elite speed to blow by defenses. He also lacks quickness in and out of breaks which would make any CB bite on a quick move. He struggles to gain any separation down the field and will probably never be a home run threat. Lastly he is a poor blocker who must improve his technique. With his size he could become a dominant run blocker against any nickel back.

4. Jeff Webb 6'1 200lbs. 40yd dash-4.58 San Diego State Projection: 7th Rd
Webb is another one of those receivers who you wont see getting jammed at the line of scrimmage. He has good body control when he goes up for a pass. Webb runs hard in his routes and is tough to take down one he gets a head of steam going. He has long arms which allow him to make plays away from his body or make adjustments for throws that are off, in which he displays his great concentration.

Webb does not display good speed and is not a homerun threat. He cannot beat defenders down the field and displays poor footwork which even further hinders his speed. He has to take more steps to reach top speed than most WR's in this class do. Lastly he lacks consistency with his route running and his catching skills.

5. Drouzon Quillen 6'6 218lbs. 40yd dash-4.52 Louisana-Monroe Projection: 7th Rd
Quillen has one of the few things you cant teach in sports. That is size, you cannot teach a kid at a young age how to be taller. He's also an athlete who uses his size well to shield defenders away from the ball. He can make tough catches look real easy as he rises up from a higher starting point to snatch the ball at its highest point. Quillen also has a long stride which allows him to reach top speed quickly.

He has a checkered past with injuries, which leads to some durability concerns. He is also raw who lacks a lot of technique on the proper way to run routes, block, and escape the jam at the line. There are some worries about the level of competition he faced coming from such a small school conference. Lastly he needs to add some bulk to his huge frame in order to take the beating he will take in the NFL.

Bradon Marshall-6'4, 222lbs, UCF, 7th
Anthony Mix-6'4, 242lbs, 40-4.51, Auburn, 7th
Dallas Baker-6'3, 205lbs, 40-4.51, Florida, FA
Chris Hannon-6'3, 193lbs, 40-4.5, Tennessee, FA

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