Bills Draft Analysis- Part 1- Playmakers

Bills Report takes a look at the Buffalo Bills position by position and where they might look to fill holes in this Saturday's NFL draft. Today we look at the offensive skill positions.

Bills Report takes a look at the Buffalo Bills position by position and where they might look to fill holes in this Saturday's NFL draft. Today we look at the offensive skill positions.


Starter 1-a
JP Losman
Starter 1-b
Kelly Holcomb

Craig Nall

Camp Fodder
Craig Ochs (NFLE)
Tory Woodbury (NFLE)

The Bills enter the season without a clear –cut starter. Losman has the hefty contract and expectations when the Bills traded 3 picks to select him in the first round in 2004. Holcomb provided the team's offense with a lift when he stepped in for a struggling Losman in 2005. Both will be given an equal opportunity to compete for the job along with newly acquired free agent Craig Nall- formerly a back-up to Brett Favre in Green Bay.

Draft Analysis-

The signing of Nall probably eliminates the Bills drafting a project QB in the later rounds. However, one can't discount the possibility that one of the Draft's big three- Leinart, Young, or Cutler may fall to the Bills pick at #8. They may be tempted- but would probably be better off using it as trade –down bait in Rd 1.

Running Back

Starting RB
Willis McGahee

Starting FB
Damion Shelton

Shaud Williams
Lionel Gates
Joe Burns- RB/FB

Camp Fodder
Jon Goldsberry
Fred Jackson (NFLE)

Willis McGahee is the undisputed starter and key to the Bills' success in 2006. If Jauron plays the smash-mouth conservative offense and a new offensive line he ran in Chicago, McGahee has pro-bowl potential. Shelton was one of the best blocking FB s in the entire NFL.

Draft Analysis-

Buffalo may look for depth in the middle to late rounds of the draft. Shaud Williams has a big heart but is undersized. Gates showed promise in last year's camp but has not been heard from since. Reliable and versatile Joe Burns manages to hang in each year by contributing with strong special team play. Look for a late day 2 prospect to be selected by the Bills once the offensive and defensive lines are taken care of.

Wide Receiver

Lee Evans
Josh Reed

Andre Davis
Peerless Price
Roscoe Parrish
Sam Aiken
Jonathan Smith

Camp Fodder
George Wilson

Eric Moulds refused to take a pay cut and the Bills wound up trading him to the Texans for a 5th round pick. Considering he would have been a cap casualty, the Bills did an incredible job getting anything for him. The Bills grabbed former Bill Peerless Price and speedster Andre Davis in free agency. Even with the departure of Moulds, the Bills are well stocked with arguably talented yet somewhat questionable receivers. The pure numbers of WRs will most likely produce one gem in the bunch.

Draft Analysis-

Highly unlikely the Bills will invest in a high pick WR now with the Price and Davis signings. However, the receiving corps – while lightning quick- is very undersized with the exception of Sam Aiken. If a decent sized WR prospect manages to fall into the 5th round or beyond- the Bills might take a flyer on one. But my guess is that they will let the eight on the roster duke it out and possibly address this need in next year's draft.

Tight End

Robert Royal

Tim Euhus
Kevin Everett
Ryan Neufeld

Camp Fodder
Brad Cieslak

Free agent Robert Royal replaces departed Mark Campbell and adds a true blocking TE. 3rd Rd pick Kevin Everett continues his fragile ways with another groin injury in the 2006 March mini-camp.

Draft Analysis-

This could get very interesting for the Bills if all-world TE Vernon Davis falls to #8. Could be the proverbial "Best player available" left on the board. He's a big play TE and it will be interesting to see if the Bills would pass on this guy considering the loss in the passing game of Eric Moulds. A mid- to late round selection for depth is a real possibility as well if Everett does not prove to be healthy or reliable.

Tomorrow- a look at the offensive line

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