Analyzing Josh Evans and his prospects in Buffalo

I recently talked to a representative for Impact Sports, the sports agency representing Josh Evans. This person said that Evans would be a perfect fit for the Bills – a defensive tackle who's got experience, who's tough against the run and who is able to get up field and rush the passer as well. On top of that, Evans played for Gregg Williams in Tennessee and was a teammate of Eddie Robinson's for several seasons.

I called to find out if the Bills had contacted Impact Sports. The person would not confirm or deny that. Now we find out from a report from that the Bills are indeed interested.

One of the things I like to do when a new player is discussed is take a look at the player through NFL Films' web site. You can get great game footage of nearly every player who played in the league last year.

In studying Evans, I saw a player who can shake off blocks to tackle ballcarriers and who can get around pass blocks to get at the quarterback. He played under tackle and nose tackle in the Titans' scheme and he is a great tackler. Once he gets his hands on someone, he brings them down. And like Pat Williams, he's also quick off the ball.

He would complement Williams quite well, particularly because of his run-stopping prowess. He's also experienced and would help out the strong side portion of the line. Buffalo's current under tackles, Tyrone Robertson, rookie Justin Bannan and Leif Larsen, are too green. And Larsen simply isn't that talented.

The only concern is the substance abuse suspensions that Evans has on his record. He's a last-strike player. It was thought that the latest brush with the NFL policy would put him out of the league for a year, maybe longer. Somehow his appeal was upheld, but no one is saying how.

The Bills, Jets, Titans and Dolphins would like Evans on their team. I think Evans would be a great addition in Buffalo if he can live within the guidelines of the league. It's a risk, but because league contracts really amount to one-year deals anyway – with the signing bonus being the only guaranteed money – it's a risk worth taking. Just don't give him a huge signing bonus that will hurt the Bills if they have to cut him.

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