BillsZone Training Camp Report 7/29/2006

This was the last of the double sessions and it was another scorcher outside. The players worked on a lot of 11-on-11 drills and also some more special teams drills, along with the usual 7-on-7 and individual drills. The reps remained pretty even between the three quarterbacks, but that may change depending on the severity of Nall's injury.

The day began where the players worked on some different special teams drills, trying to get set up in their right positions. Following that drill, the team did a pre-practice walk-thru without helmets. Next up was the stretching and then of course the individual drills. I watched a little bit of the Tight end drills and saw some nice blocking by Robert Royal on Kevin Everett. He really is doing a good job and is most likely going to be the starting tight end. I also paid some attention to the Quarterback drills with the Wide receivers. JP Losman looked the sharpest out of the three. He showed a lot of zip on his passes and got them out right away. The only negative I saw was that Josh Reed actually dropped a pass. He has been doing good up to this point, so I didn't make a big deal from it.

Next up was the Special Teams practice again. I have noticed that head coach Dick Jauron is giving Bobby April a lot of practice time each day. That is nice to see. They focused on punting and downing punts. Brian Moorman continued to wow the fans with his long, high and far punts. Seriously, every one of them had at least 6-7 seconds of hang time and went anywhere from 40-60 yards again.

After the special teams work, the team did some 7-on-7 drills. Kelly Holcomb got the first snaps with the starting unit and didn't do that well. His first pass was almost intercepted by Nate Clements. But then he dumped off to Lee Evans. Finally Roscoe Parrish saved Holcomb with a sweet fingertip grab. Next up was JP Losman, who completed 2 of 3, but should have had 3 of 3. His first pass was a dumpoff to Willis McGahee for about 8 yards. He then threw a beautiful pass to Jonathan Smith that could have gone for a touchdown, but it was dropped and then he threw a nice pass for about 11 yards to Chris Denney. Craig Nall was perfect in his 3 plays. First he threw an 18-yard pass to Jonathan Smith, who made a nice catch. Then he dumped it off to Anthony Thomas for 4 yards and finally threw a good looking pass to Robert Royal for about 16 yards.

In the second go around for the 7-on-7 drills, Kelly Holcomb did the worst. He completed no passes, but that was also due to some great play by the defense. First, London Fletcher almost intercepted Holcomb but didn't hang on. Then, Terrence McGee broke up two passes in a row intended for Josh Reed. JP Losman wasn't much better. His first pass to Peerless Price was caught for 9 yards, but then Lionel Gates dropped a dumpoff that was low. Losman finished this round by overthrowing Robert Royal. He later went back for one play and was almost intercepted by Ko Simpson. Craig Nall did the best job in this round. His first pass to Jonathan Smith was overthrown a bit. However, he did recover with a screen to Joe Burns and a nice pass to Sam Aiken for 12 yards.

After the horn was sounded, the two lines came over to assist and the team worked on some 11-on-11 drills. They started out with some running plays. Willis McGahee had a nice 8-yard run around the right tackle and showed some of that speed he had a couple years ago. He also had a sweet looking burst right through the middle for about 7-yards. Shaud Williams also showed some of his speed with a good looking run right up the middle for 7-yards. Anthony Thomas pushed through the line for a few yards. Joe Burns seemed to get stuffed when he ran.

They also worked on some passing plays in the 11-on-11 drills. Kelly Holcomb was the worst quarterback again. He started out good with a 10-yard pass to Jonathan Smith and a screen to Willis McGahee for about 6-yards. But then he threw an interception to Jason Jefferson who got his hand up there and grabbed the ball. When he came back in a few plays later, Holcomb threw a pass that Eric King should have intercepted.

JP Losman started out getting the crowd excited by throwing a deep pass to Sam Aiken. But then once Sam Aiken couldn't hang onto it, the crowd groaned. It was a pretty pass though. When he came back on the field, Losman overthrew Lee Evans. He then threw a pass that was a little low to Anthony Thomas that was caught for about 6-yards. Craig Nall came in and underthrew Andre Davis. He then threw a quick pass to Josh Reed for 7-yards. When he came back in, Nall hit Kevin Everett for about 16-yards.

Next up was some more special teams work. This time they worked on faking punts and having Brian Moorman throw the ball. He had a nice spiral on the ball. Moorman threw to both sides of the field and completed passes to Jabari Greer, Rashad Baker, Coy Wire, Eric King, and Andre Davis. Moorman also ran with it once for about 10-yards.

Following the special teams work, the team went back to some more 11-on-11 drills. The defense seemed to put a lot more heat on the quarterbacks this time around. Craig Nall started it out with a pass to Peerless Price for about 8-yards. He then felt major pressure by Aaron Schobel and would have been sacked. Kelly Holcomb started out by throwing a short pass to Robert Royal, who dropped it. He then threw a nice 13-yarder to Sam Aiken. Holcomb ended it with a screen to Joe Burns and a nice short pass to Andre Davis that went for about 16-yards.

JP Losman came in and threw a low pass to Josh Reed for 8-yards. He then had Anthony Thomas is motion and hit him for 7-yards. Losman finished the day by overthrowing Brad Cieslak. He recovered by finding George Wilson for about 12-yards. To finish the day off, the team went back to individual groups and worked on some drills. This was probably used as a cooling off period and then players only did light stuff and talked with the coaches.

Here's a couple tidbits that I noticed today:

1. The job is JP Losman's to lose, but he better step up or he may lose it. He has the best arm of the three and seems to have the best passes, but he needs to stop letting the mistakes get to him like he currently does.

2. Kelly Holcomb was the worst quarterback out there today. I counted 1 interception and 3 could have been interceptions that were dropped by the defensive players. The one that London Fletcher had a chance at, was right to him, but he couldn't hang on.

3. I hope that Craig Nall's leg heals up fast. I think it will be a two man race for the starting quarterback job and he might surprise some people. He was the best one out there today and didn't make many mistakes.

4. I love the defensive coordinator, Perry Fewell. He is really about forcing turnovers and then going at the ball. I have noticed that he is making the defensive players pick up every single ball that is on the ground, even a dropped pass, and making them run with it. He has a lot of energy and will make this defense more intense.

5. Terrence McGee was awesome today. He had excellent coverage and then was knocking balls down a few times.

6. The defensive players gotta get better at hanging onto the balls. I counted about 5 or 6 balls that could have been intercepted today. Nate Clements, London Fletcher, Ko Simpson, Jabari Greer, and Eric King all came very close to getting interceptions.

7. Ryan Denney was getting the starting nod at LDE today and seemed to do a good job. The defense got a lot of pressure on all 3 quarterbacks and he was a big part of it.

8. Props to the wide receivers who came to the fence today to sign autographs for the fans. A lot of people left camp happy. Even JP Losman came to the fence for a little while and signed some things.

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