BillsZone Training Camp Report 8/15/2006

There is less than only six practices left at St. John Fisher. The players again came out wearing full pads and had some full contact drills. The Buffalo Bills practiced on the grass fields today. There was also a pretty nice turnout from the fans. As for the practice, the team worked on the individual drills, special teams, 7-on-7, and the full team 11-on-11 drills.

The Buffalo Bills did some stretching and then individual drill, just like every other day. Next, they went to work on special teams. Like always, Head Coach Dick Jauron gave Bobby April quite a bit of time to work on special teams. This time the unit worked on covering and defending punt returns. Roscoe Parrish, Jonathan Smith, Nate Clements and Jim Leonhard fielded the punts.

Following the Special Teams work, the team spent some time on 7-on-7 drills. JP Losman took the majority of the reps, but Craig Nall also took some reps, along with Kelly Holcomb. JP Losman started out right away by hitting Robert Royal with a quick pass for about 9-yards. Next he threw a pass to Kevin Everett, but Takeo Spikes was there covering and broke it up. Losman did make up for that with a sweet 20-yard pass to Peerless Price, who impressed the fans with a great leaping catch. JP then tried to hit Willis McGahee, but again Takeo Spikes was right there and broke the play up. Losman then hit Jonathan Smith in stride for about 18-yards. Kelly Holcomb then came in for a couple plays and threw a quick pass to Andre Davis for 7-yards. Then he hit Lee Evans for 6-yards.

Craig Nall then got a chance and threw a screen to Shaud Williams for 3-yards. JP Losman came back for a play and found Robert Royal near the sideline for about 6-yards. Nall then came back in and found Josh Reed for 12-yards. JP Losman then had two more reps and first hit Robert Royal for 5-yards, but then he overthrew Robert Royal on the next play. Kelly Holcomb came in and hit Lee Evans with a quick strike for about 10-yards. Craig Nall came back in and hit Robert Royal for 7 yards and then came in later and overthrew Royal. Losman threw a quick screen to Willis McGahee for 8-yards, then threw behind Robert Royal. JP then finished up the drill with 3 consecutive completions. His first pass was to George Wilson for 7-yards, in the middle of the field. He then hit Roscoe Parrish for 6-yards and then finished the day in this drill with a 4-yarder to Josh Reed.

Next up was the 11-on-11 drill. Just like with all the other drills, JP Losman started off. The first play was a nice run around the right tackle for 6-yards by Willis McGahee. JP Losman then hit Lee Evans for 5-yards and threw a screen to Anthony Thomas for 3-yards. Anthony Thomas tried to run on the next play and got stuffed. Willis McGahee then came back and ran to the outside for about 4-yards. He then took a dumpoff from JP Losman and ran for 5-yards. JP Losman then had Lee Evans 30-40 yards downfield and put too much air on the ball. Ko Simpson read it and made a sweet leaping grab to get the interception. The next play was a reverse with Peerless Price running the ball for about 8-yards. Kelly Holcomb then came back under center again and threw 2 screens to Shaud Williams. Both were for a short gain.

JP Losman came back to the huddle and overthrew Andre Davis downfield, near the sideline. It reminded me of the same play from the Carolina game, where Losman had Aiken downfield, but the ball sailed out of bounds. Losman then hit Robert Royal for 5-yards. Joe Burns came in at RB and pounded through the middle for 6-yards. Kelly Holcomb then came in under center and found Kevin Everett for about 7-yards.

JP Losman came back under center and was pressured heavily by the defense. He evaded the sack and ran out of bounds for a gain of 6-yards. Losman then hit Lee Evans for 4-yards. Next, Willis McGahee carried the ball and ran to the outside around right tackle for a nice run of 10-yards. Shaud Williams tried to run next, but was stuffed. Losman then went back to pass and hit Ryan Neufeld for 6-yards. The final three plays of this drill were all running plays by Anthony Thomas. He averaged about 3-4 yards on two of the runs, but was stuffed on the other one.

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