GREAT photos from practice with Browns

Here are pics from Friday's practice with Cleveland, featuring Drew Bledsoe, Charlie Rogers and Eric Moulds.

Charlie Rogers makes the catch (Photos by David Duprey/Associated Press).

Moulds works out after practice.

Ruben Brown comes out after his knee sprain.

Rookie fullback Jarrett Ferguson runs from Marquis Smith.

Drew Bledsoe directs traffic.

Jonas Jennings, left, and Corey Hulsey, right, hold out Kenard Lang.

Kendrick Office and Marquis Smith get medical attention after colliding during special teams drills. Office sat out the scrimmage as a result. (Photo by Mike Doser)

Jerry Ostroski sits around watching practice with a big brace on his right knee, where he had recent surgery. (Photo by Mike Doser)

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