Job well done Buffalo

I was pretty sure heading into the stadium that the Bills weren't going to win against a good running team with a smart QB who doesn't make many dumb mistakes. However, the Bills hung tough and prevailed. Of course it was laced with anger from incompetent refs to not putting the dagger in the heart of the enemy.

I was thinking of saying stomping on the heads of our enemy but apparently some players take metaphors literally.

NFL Refs or French Skating Judge? These refs were the Tom DeLay of officiating. Pretty much anyone could lobby for anything they wanted from the refs, and the calls would come. On what was the most brilliant of special teams calls, Minnesota's coaching staff went crazy because they didn't think of the plays themselves.

What I truly loved about the play was that the entire stadium was about to get on Rian Lindell for what was looking like the weakest kick ever, but then as you looked at the field and saw Kiwaukee Thomas as the only guy with a chance at the ball, the stadium erupted. However, Minny's coaching staff had a huge breakdown and looked more impatient than a 5 year old way past due for a potty break.

After a 5 minute conference, the refs threw out the flag and threw out any sense of unbiased officiating. What was absolutely nauseating about that call was that if Bill Belichik would have called that play that would have been on highlight films across America with children running with flowers in their hands and sunlight for everyone. However, the Bills call it, and Minnesota threw a fit more likely to be seen on Super Nanny than Fox Football.

When the Bills roughed the punter, no flag was thrown, yet when the Super Minny's threw their hands up, out came the flag. In the end that wasn't such a big deal since the Bills netted a positive 10 for a monster interference call. But it was those plays that made it possible for the refs to call false start on the Bills despite the fact the Vikings flinched at the line first near the end of the game. Nevermind judging these refs for future playoff games, judge these refs for whether they can go next week.

More knocks on the French

The Bills tenacity of finishing off games is pretty much the exact same as the tenacity of the French army. It is maddening to be writing about a last second bills win, when they essentially destroyed the Vikings from Quarters 1-3. JP has about 2 great quarters, and then one sub par one, and then one that makes you wonder if you died and are sitting in hell. At the end when we just needed one more drive for points, he got sacked in a very Bledsoe-esque way. He was just standing there with the crowd going crazy to get rid of it. Bah! Also Bledsoe-esque is the fact that with all his mobility, he doesn't really seem to do the bootleg very well at all. Ok, so he had that 20+yard mad dash to help set up a TD drive, but I still couldn't help think they're pretty far away from being great.

I'm surprised at how high everyone rated JP's performance. While he did manage the game well enough to not lose, he seemed to go backwards with his accuracy. Robert Royal made a spectacular catch to keep the first drive alive. It looked like Crowell and Fletcher coached him on how to make great catches. His TD pass to Price was horribly ugly, and he left little Roscoe out to dry on a swing pass. There were too many 3rd and 1's where the Bills offense had to leave the field.

Sure I'm happy that he's progressing, but I hate that these games that the Bills own aren't signed, sealed, and delivered by the beginning of the fourth.

DVD Extras

Dick Jauron needs more schooling about the winds of the Ralph. The Fancy I miss was a horrible call. If I recall, the Bills had 4th and 1 or 4th and 3. And he asked Fancy I to kick into a pretty strong wind from a good distance. But I guess what can you do? Buffalo's 3rd and 1 team was like 0-10 this week.

How can they not get a yard once in like 4 tries. I guess going for it and not getting it would be a momentum turner. But I hate the field goal because the ball gets spotted at the point of the kick. So even if we get stuffed for no gain, it's 8 yards better than a missed field goal.

Thank you JP. Pesci's Wings never tasted so good. On the drive home, I waited for the official stats, but they never came on the radio. Therefore, the second I walked into the house, I went straight to Yahoo, saw 222 passing yards and then left the house to pick up an order. A Kevin with wings is a happy Kevin.

I was very happy to watch the Bills hold on to this game. I had been getting some heat from friends and through a random email or two that if the Bills lost, I had to go back to Renaissance Fairs. And to be honest, I was beginning to think I was going to have to. Thank god it didn't come down to that.

The Lee Evans 10 yard route, spin move and 3-5 extra YAC yards was open all day. Had I coached this in Madden, I would have called that play every single down until someone stopped it.

How many false starts did the Bills have at home? It was outrageous even if one of them was bunk. It smelled like a Gregg Williams coached team. It was on the verge of unacceptable. No, wait, it was a home game, it was unacceptable.

I think the Bills can beat the Bears. Yes, I am drug free. Obviously they may have a let down from beating the NFC Champs, but more interestingly, I think Jauron put the pieces together for that team. I think Lovie might be riding the good fortunes of Jauron's original blueprint.

You don't think? Think Jerry Grey to Gregg Williams. Williams put the defense together and Grey just kinda rode off of that. Once the personnel started to change, the Bills Defense fell apart. Lovie could be the same guy until he can do it with different personnel. If it indeed is Jauron's creation, wouldn't he be the best to undo it? Just a thought of optimism in case you only see a Rodney King like Future for the Bills. Sportsguy, as hilarious as he is, really rags on the Bills.

You'd think that'd he'd get over it seeing that his Boston franchise have stumbled into a couple championships since 2000. However, he hates JP for some unkown reason and ranks the Bills behind the Cardinals, Browns, Miami and Washington. Then he goes on in the same article to rip on Pearl Jam. Sportsguy is dangerously close to slipping into the world of Peter King for me. Something I read only because I hate it so. Perhaps, I'm that columnist for you.

Lastly, unrelated to sports, I performed at Carolines Comedy club last Tuesday and the show went well. I was asked to perform again November 21. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email.

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