Looks like McDaniel has no future in Buffalo

Bills wide receiver Jeremy McDaniel has seldom been used this training camp and it looks like the Bills have decided that the third-year receiver has no future with the team. McDaniel had off-season hernia surgery and he's been slow to recover.

In the meantime, the Bills have added rookie Josh Reed, veteran Charles Johnson and kick returner/wide receiver Charlie Rogers to the wide receiving corps, making the top-five spots likely set. The team rarely carries six wide receivers and, even if it does, rookies Rodney Wright and Andre Rone stand to be ahead of McDaniel at this point – if for no other reason than they work cheaper than McDaniel.

McDaniel acknowledges that part of the reason his activity has been limited is that he's still healing and that his conditioning has been hampered by the injury.

Still, he sat out the entire Cleveland scrimmage last Friday when he didn't have to.

"I warmed up everything before the scrimmage to see what it was like," McDaniel said. "If they wanted me out there, I would have played."

That just seems to be it – the "if they wanted him out there" part. Indications are that they obviously don't.

When asked whether he has thought about the number of wide receivers competing for likely five spots, McDaniel said, "Not at all." When asked whether he's talked to Gregg Williams about it, he said, "No I haven't talked to him about it. It's their decision. Gregg's got the upper hand on everything. He talks to the doctors and the trainers. They know what's going on. I have no control over it."

The Bills may have decided McDaniel's fate already and so they could be limiting his opportunities because they don't want to risk injuring him more, which would force them to pay an injury settlement if they do release him.

Overall, the situation is similar to when right tackle Robert Hicks got cut last year. The team just stopped using him after he had plummeted down the depth chart, and then he was released.

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