Bills vs Bears Report Card- Failing Grades!

It should have been expected. JP Losman had his worst game of the season. He started out strong and took the Buffalo Bills down the field with a few nice throws.  But then when they couldn't get the 1st down and the special teams tried to fake the punt, things went downhill fast

JP_Losman_vs_Bears_10_8_06.jpgQuarterbacks: .  The momentum shifted and the Bears defense kicked it up a notch.  Losman was 14/27 for 115 yards with 3 interceptions and 1 touchdown (in garbage time).  Like I said before, this should have been expected.  He faced the best defense in the league that just destroyed a very good Seattle team and embarrassed a top 5 Quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck.  The Bears defense did a great job confusing him and changing things up.  Losman looked frightened and lost out there.  Overall, it was a horrible day for JP, who had an awful QB rating of 35.8%.  But again, he wasn't the sole reason for this loss.  It was a team effort and it didn't help that he had no protection from his line.  Now the key is for Losman to rebound against Detroit next week and not lose his confidence.  Grade: D

Running Backs: Willis McGahee ran hard all day even when there was nowhere to run. He struggled against a tough Bears front 7 and didn't get much of a chance to run as the Bills played catchup all day long. McGahee had only 14 carries for 50 yards and 4 catches for 15 yards. He should have been used some more, but the Bills fell so far behind that they abandoned the run. Anthony Thomas didn't have any carries in the game. Daimon Shelton had some decent blocks, but he also had a very costly false start on 4th and 1, when they were going to go for it. Overall, it was a poor day for this unit. But the offensive line didn't help at all, as there was no holes. Grade: D

Wide Receivers: Lee Evans was the only receiver who did anything on Sunday. He did a nice job getting open and had some good RAC. Evans had 9 catches for 94 yards and 1 touchdown at the last minute of the game that ended the shutout. Peerless Price had 1 catch for 6 yards, but dropped 1 pass that would have been a huge first down and dropped another one that was in his hands. Josh Reed dropped a pass and was quiet. Roscoe Parrish was very quiet and didn't have a catch. Overall, it was a horrible day for this group. Lee Evans saves this unit from flunking. Grade: D

Tight Ends: There's no point of even grading this unit. They aren't being used in the passing game because they are both needed as blockers. Robert Royal didn't even get his usual 1 catch like he always does. The blocking wasn't great either as the running game had no holes and JP was hit all day long. Grade: F

Offensive Line: This unit doesn't look any better than last year. I don't care what anyone says. Their pass blocking was horrible as JP Losman was killed all day long. They only gave up 3 sacks, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Yeah, Losman had some time to throw once in a while, but was pressured by the Bears' front 4 (which was missing two starters) most of the time. The run blocking was atrocious as there was no holes anywhere for Willis McGahee. They couldn't even push forward 1 yard when he was trying to convert a 3rd and 1. Overall, it was another bad day for this unit. Chris Villarrial was missed big time in the running game. Grade: F

Defensive Line: This unit wasn't good at all. There was no pressure from the front 4 as they were kept in check by the Bears offensive line. They can't stop the run either. The Bears running backs were able to run at will against this line. Chris Kelsay led the unit with 6 total tackles, but he didn't come close to touching Rex Grossman and had one offsides penalty. Aaron Schobel finally got a sack, but it was during garbage time. Ryan Denney had 3 tackles for the day. Larry Tripplett continues to be quiet and had 1 tackle. Tim Anderson and Kyle Williams each had 1 tackle too. John McCargo had 2 tackles, but was injured in the game. Overall, it was an awful day for the unit. I'm still waiting for this to stop the run. Grade: F

Linebackers: London Fletcher-Baker led this unit with 9 total tackles. But he was burned a few times on pass plays. Angelo Crowell had 5 tackles, plus a sack. Keith Ellison had 4 tackles at the end of the day and also recovered a fumble at the end of the game. Overall, it was a terrible day for this unit. There were plenty of missed tackles and all 3 guys let the Bears run all over them. Grade: D

Secondary: Nate Clements is the most overrated CB in the league, or at least the most overpaid. He can't tackle anything and gets burned too often. Clements finished the day with 4 tackles and 1 pass defensed. But he was burned big time on one play to Bernard Berrian and was also burned again on another play. Terrence McGee wasn't any better. He was burned big time on the touchdown to Bernard Berrian and also on the touchdown to Rashied Davis. McGee finished the day with 4 tackles and 2 passes defensed. He missed a couple tackles on the running backs, and also dropped an interception. Kiwaukee Thomas had 2 tackles, and got some pressure on Grossman in a couple blitz plays. However, he also dropped two guaranteed interceptions that were right in his hands. Ko Simpson was all over the field and led the team with 11 total tackles for the day. He did a nice job getting to the backs when the linebackers missed the tackle. Donte Whitner finished the day with 8 tackles, but was out of place on a few plays and was burned along with McGee. Overall, it was a horrible day for this unit. They are supposed to be a young and improving secondary, but were exposed by Rex Grossman all day long. Grade: F

Special Teams: This was probably the worst I have seen this unit in a while. I don't know what has happened, but Terrence McGee has yet to break a long return. He is struggling to find any room to run. McGee averaged 22.7 yards on 7 returns with 33 yards as his longest and he fumbled the ball on one return towards the end of the game. Roscoe Parrish did good with 1 punt return for 15 yards. Brian Moorman fumbled the snap on a fake punt because he tried running before he got the ball. He did make up for that with some nice punting. Moorman averaged 57.8 on 6 punts, with 1 inside the 20 yard-line and his longest was 66-yards. If only the coverage teams did better though. They did a decent job covering, but gave up a 21-yard punt return to Devin Hester. They did a solid job at covering the kickoffs though. Rian Lindell was quiet, because he wasn't used for a field goal and he only had 2 kickoffs. Overall, it was a poor day for a unit that prides themselves as the best. Grade: D

Coaching:What a change from last week. Dick Jauron prepared this team well for the Vikings game last week. Yet they looked out of sync and completely lost against the Bears this week. Jauron also had a questionable call to go for the fake punt on 4th and 6, and that ended up completely giving the momentum to the Bears. The offense went away from their game plan completely, running the ball only 14 times and that didn't help Losman out at all. The defense couldn't stop the run and were constantly out of place on passing plays as they were burned quite a few times. Overall, the team wasn't prepared for a tough Chicago Bears team. They were sloppy and undisciplined, turning the ball over 5 times and taking 7 penalties. Hopefully the Bills can rebound from this disaster and beat the Lions next week at Detroit. Grade: D

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