One Fan's View: That was painful

Did the Bills loss ruin the entire weekend? Well it's not like some third world wannabe superpower ran a Nuke Test. Oh wait, they did.

Yes, this was the worst weekend ever. 40-7? I can't believe that I wrote last week on my Minnesota high, "Jauron put this Bears defense together, he can take it apart." This ranks up there with "they'll greet us as liberators," "I did not have sex with that woman," and of course, "the Renaissance fair doesn't sound so bad."

For some reason this did not hurt as much as other losses. In my notes, I had at the 13:01 mark of the second quarter, "I declare the Bills will get shut out." But I remember writing that, and I don't remember wanting to throw anything. The reason is mainly because even in the despair of getting thrashed, watching the Bills have half a decent opening drive was still light years ahead of the futility of last years team. I think everyone saw that fake punt coming. Even the CBS camera man knew to be singled in on Moorman instead of normal play angle. The Bills have shown in 4 games so far that they're willing to fake it in that range instead of just putting their offense out there to go get it. If Moorman fields the snap correctly, I'm not sure that he could have gotten the first down.

Their implosion was forgivable. We all know they are rookies trying to get better. We know that they are a work in progress. This was a game that will help the offseason draft and signings. Apparently, we can't stop the run, and we can't make meaningful holes often enough. With a competent front office, we'll probably address those needs.

There is no doubt the Bears will be the top of all the meaningless power rankings out there. They are the new guard at this point. With New England and Indy looking very much like the ‘96 Bills, there are a handful of teams which look like they could be dominant for years to come. The Bears are the chic and appropriate pick after week 5 to go 16-0. If I was the '72 dolphins, I wouldn't buy the champagne anytime soon.

DVD Extras
  • I knew the Bears were going to win after the 8th minute of the First quarter when Rueben Brown had not been called for holding.
  • Peerless Price seems to have gone to the Ronnie Harmon Camp on drops. When the game still mattered, he had two killer drops. I'd have normally used the Josh Reed Camp line, but he's been catching what's been thrown at him recently. I'll get off his case.
  • I watched the Eagles/Cowboys game this weekend. I have to say Parcells looks like the least interested guy to be employed in the NFL right now. In second place is Nate Clements. He's slowly turning into the Bills A-rod right now. A lot of talent, paid a little too much, and isn't making any of the big plays we need from him. Sure he's above average, but at this point, so is our entire secondary. We need plays from him for the price we are paying. Just like A-rod, you can't really cut Nate and you can't coach him to do any better. You just know that he'll have the stat padding game against weak teams but he'll miss key plays during the times you need him the most.
  • The Bills defense had a chance to get some INT's early, but dropped both. I honestly thought the Bills defense hung in there, but being asked to play 26 minutes of the first 30 on short fields would have been tough even on the Bears.
  • Are you getting the sense the Bills are quitting on Takeo or that Takeo is quitting on the Bills? I'm not sure yet. But why isn't he back yet? And why is he so soft spoken this year. Either he's been humbled by the injury or he really can't wait to go play for a contender.
  • The Bills 3rd and 1 offense must be the worst in the league. They get zero push even on the straight up the gut call which to me equates to having zero heart. They have not gotten 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 all season. A bad percentage would be like 50%. But zero percent? There hasn't been one time that someone from the line said, "this is humiliating, we need to go out and prove we can't be pushed around?"
  • I like how Berrian caught the pass that Marcus Robinson dropped in the Vikings game. After the Vikings game, it seemed like all the Bills players understood something was wrong with the coverage when someone can get a 9 yard radius of openness. Yet there it was. Again. Same broken coverage. What made Berrian's catch particularly painful was that that play was the game over, "coup de gras" play for the Bills. And I have Berrian on my fantasy team. Does he get in for the score to at least ease the pain? No, he steps out letting Cedric Benson score a touchdown.
  • Sabres have more wins that the Bills, and they've only played 3 games. A meaningless stat, I know. But all of a sudden the nasty blue and gold Buffalo is more exciting than the one in red, white, and blue. I wonder which Buffalo team has legs now.
  • Apparently Rex Grossman and the Bears understand how to run the 3rd and 1 bootleg. I hope the Bills took notes. The fake handoff and bootleg looked nice, and the 10 yard pass and catch with another 5 yards of YAC looked even better.
  • Do the Bills have any tight ends? The Bears threw to 8 different receivers. The Bills to only 3. Pass catching Tight Ends, where art thou?
  • Terrence McGee had more yards in return yards than JP had throwing. Thank god the wing bet was settled last week.
  • On the topic of McGee, he doesn't seem to have the spring in his step that he's had the last two years in the return game. Mark's observation is that he doesn't feel like he's fighting to be on the team. He feels like he's a certified CB now. So he's a little more gentle so that he doesn't risk injury. Makes sense to me. If that's the case, we need to put Coy Wire out there. He's suppose to be so amazing on special teams. In fact that's all he can do, because he's terrible as a safety, even after he went to safety school during the offseason.
  • At 20-0, Mario Haggan had a tackle for a loss. He got up and then beat his chest. Someone has to do something and tell these guys that it's foolish to brag when down by 20. Also Kelsay pile drived a TE on 1st and goal. When the TE stood up, Kelsay gave him the "bring it" fingers. One play later, the Bears brought it. Again.
  • All of a sudden the Jacksonville game looks likes it's going to be a lot harder than we all thought. I wonder who would have predicted that the Jets fast start was just an aberration and that Pennington's weak arm and lack of run support would kill them. I have no idea.
  • One thing that kills me is the lack of discipline the Bills have had for at least 6 years. What exactly is it going to take for these so called professionals to get it? This is not a school yard game anymore. You need to know what is going on. False starts, broken routes, all of it just stinks. Do these guys need more money (no, since Mike Williams proved money doesn't provide enough impetus to get it right), do they need to be yelled at (no, since the gregg williams 8am wake up calls didn't do it), do they need less fear (no Mularkey didn't work either). So what is it? Why are our players so stupid?
  • I received a text from my pal, Evan (a Jets Fan) when Bledsoe scored on the QB sneak. "The world is going to end. Bledsoe just ran 7 yards for a TD. Hug the women and children." After the Redzone interception 102 return, he texted again, "I have lowered the terror status back to yellow." I often times wonder if the Bledsoes use for their bedding needs. The amount of times that Drew just craps the bed when his team needs him the most is astounding. Even as a multi-millionaire, I'm sure he needs the discounts that can provide.
  • In my pickem league, I got every single game right except with the Bills game. I stupidly went with my heart instead of my head. I could have had a perfect round. I feel like such a chump.
  • How freaking cheap are the Pats? They are $10MM under the cap, and they refuse to get some decent sod for the middle of their field. If there is proper grass in the middle of the field, the Dolphins have the field goal that makes it a tie game. I know Harrington would have screwed it up anyway, but still. I hate New England.
  • I'm curious at what point the NFL renames itself to a more appropriate NYWDPFLSSMT (NY-Washington-Dallas-Philly football league with a Side of Smaller Market Teams.) moniker. Any major site like, very few teams seem to matter. Dallas and who TO texts or doesn't text makes the news. "TO, do you bother with typing out each word on the key pad or do you use T9, the world needs to know!" Redskins, you are the Micheal Jackson of the NFL. You keep making cosmetic changes, yet you still suck. It's been at least 15 years since you've been relevant, yet you still seem to continuously be in the news. How the Giants/Redskins got acclaim and coverage is beyond me. Even more reason for the Bills to stand up and become something quickly.
  • Most tragic Fantasy Football scenario. I was up 62-47 going into Monday night playing the undefeated team in the league. I had Mcnair (having passed on Eli and J.P to be my starter); he had the ravens defense. After the first half, we were 62-62. McNair had scored 2 points. With 30 seconds left, down by 10, the Ravens decide to try for the win. McNair, throws the interception, loses a point, and the Buffalo Shenoys are stymied in their effort to beat the undefeated. It was so painful. I hate McNair. Even JP's lack luster 115 yards with 3 picks and 1 TD would have given me the win.
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